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Your Questions About Google

August 28, 2013

Mary asks…

How compatible is the iphone 4s with google stuff?

On my PC and current (piece of crap) phone, I use mostly google stuff (gmail, navigation, voice, calendar).

Will I be able to easily access these things on the iphone 4s? (especially gmail and calendar; I already know voice is in the ios app store).

BQ: does iphone have a good, FREE GPS navigation like google maps/navigate?


Administrator answers:

Gmail – yes. The Mail app on the iPhone can be configured to use Gmail easily.

Navigation – sorta. The Maps app is basically Google Maps, but Google have not updated as well as its Android counterpart, but it should work fine.

Voice – yes. There is a Google Voice app

Calendar – yes. There is no Google Calendar app but you can sync your Google Calendar to your Calendar on the iPhone easily.

As far as the Navigation app, check the App Store. I am sure you will find one.

Mandy asks…

Can you pay towards a google checkout account with paypal?

I have a google checkout account, but she has a paypal account. Can she still send me money with her paypal account to my google checkout?

Administrator answers:

Surely Google Checkout is simply a payment facility for outgoing payments only with no facility for receiving funds

Lisa asks…

What exactly is the situation with google and china?

I’ve read several articles via BBC and Yahoo!. However, I don’t really understand the reason(s) why Google wants to “pull out of China”…Could someone kindly enlighten me?

Administrator answers:

Internet censorship is the main reason of Google’s cry. There are news too that says private accounts had been attacked and intellectual properties have been hacked. Yahoo and other companies are supporting Google’s point. So basically, they are fighting for human rights(freedom and privacy) that have been violated by the government. Facebook, youtube, twitter and myspace have been blocked too in china. As for the chinese gov’t, they said they are protecting the nation’s stability and controlling sites and information that might offend their laws or guidelines or the like.

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