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Your Questions About Google Chrome

February 7, 2013

Paul asks…

How do I pin Google Chrome Incognito to my taskbar on Windows 7?

I had it figured out before, but I had to uninstall and reinstall Google Chrome, and now I cannot figure out how to pin Incognito to my taskbar, to make it my default browser.

Administrator answers:

Right click on Google Chrome on the desktop, then click properties then where it says ”Target” type
” -incognito ” at the end and it will be in Incognito all the time.

Robert asks…

What do you think of Google Chrome Web browser?

I just downloaded the Google chrome Web browswer and I love it. I have heard from other people they have had problems with google period. I have never had a problem. Do you use Google Chrome and have you had any problems?

Administrator answers:

I love google chrome because you can customize it and make tabs into separate windows. I have never had any problems with it

Daniel asks…

How to hide a single google chrome window on the task bar?

I have something downloading and I don’t want someone to accidentally close the window but at the same time they might have to use Google chrome, so if you have an answer please post it!

Administrator answers:

This is not the Answer you are looking for.
This is merely something you may want to try out.
Perhaps you can use it.

Use “Multiple Profiles”:

Copy the shortcut to Google Chrome.
Mine looks like this:
“C: Documents and Settings Username Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome.exe”

Add the following to it:
(Modify as you wish.)
-user-data-dir=”C: My Folder My Files My Chrome”

It should now look like this:
“C: Documents and Settings Username Local Settings Application Data Google Chrome Application chrome.exe” -user-data-dir=”C: My Folder My Files My Chrome”

Change the icon for your new shortcut.
Rename it to something else.

Now, when you run that shortcut, a “New” Chrome will start.
Everything you do in that, stays in there.
It will not affect the Chrome that you run from the normal shortcut.

In other words:
If you install Extensions, or add Bookmarks in your Chrome, it will only be available in your Chrome.
The normal Chrome will not get those Extensions or Bookmarks.

The only thing that “cross over”, is updates.
It doesn’t matter which Chrome gets updated.
Both will be updated, since both run from the same exe.

You can also run both of these Chromes together.
Each one is completely separate from the other.

Sandra asks…

How can mute google chrome but still listen to itunes?

I have windows XP and im using google chrome how can i mute chrome but not itunes and listen to music.

Administrator answers:

I don’t understand what you need to mute on Google chrome just everything in General ever weep page open and if so it dose not work that way you have to go to ever page you want to mute and mute everything on it

James asks…

How can I make Google Chrome my default browser?

I had to uninstall Google Chrome to try out Safari and found out that it bogged down my pc so I reinstalled GC. However, I noticed that GC isn’t my default browser anymore. I like GC cuz, to me, it’s faster than Internet Explorer.

Administrator answers:

Click the Tools menu.
Select Options.
Click the Basics tab.
In the “‘Default browser” section, click Make Google Chrome my default browser.
Click Close.

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