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Your Questions About Google Chrome

February 12, 2013

Paul asks…

How do u delete the recently closed tab on google chrome?

On google chrome at the bottom there is a recently closed tab and even if u delete your history its still there? How do i delete the stuff on it…? My mom looks though my computer and i dont want her to find out what im planning for her birthdayy?!?! Any Helpp?

Administrator answers:

Use Click&Clean extension:

It’s a complete cleaner for Chrome (automatically clear browsing history on closing Chrome)

Mandy asks…

How do you set a picture as your background on google chrome?

google chrome, google images, how do you set a picture as your background?

Administrator answers:

Install speed dial extension, in that there are options for keeping a picture background.
Still, they didn’t keep an option to keep pictures in your computer as a background, so only you can keep images in internet as background.
So, upload your picture into site like imageshack or something (keeping it private), and use that URL to keep it as background in chrome.

Search for speed dial extension in

Thomas asks…

When I open a window on google chrome, it closes my browser out and reopens it in Internet Explorer. Why?

Any time I go to a webpage, It closes my browser and reopens it on Internet Explorer. Google chrome is my default browser, and I have ran Mcafee scan and Maleware bytes and CCleaner.

Why would my computer be doing this?
Also, it does not do this if internet explorer is running and I am on google chrome.

Administrator answers:

Try out to set Google chrome as Default browser!

Otherwise try to follow these instructions:

Did you helped you?

Donna asks…

How do I change my google chrome homepage?

Everytime I go on google chrome the home page is some other installed search engine called babylon that was installed by accident.

I’ve uninstalled it and its still the same. I have also gone through control panel and changed the home page on internet settings, still no difference.

Thanks x
Thanks everyone but Niel’s worked for me :)
Neil* sorry

Administrator answers:

Click on the little spanner icon at the top right of the Google Chrome page.

Select “Settings”

For the second option: “On Start Up”
Select: Open a specific page or set of pages
Then click the “Set pages” option and type in “” (Unless it’s already google)

Next go to the third option: “Appearance”
Select show home button.

Click on the change option.
Type in “” (Unless it’s already google)

Daniel asks…

How to automatically delete history on google chrome?

I have to delete History myself at the end when i finish using internet on Google chrome.How can i set it to delete history automatically once i close google chrome? I have to do it myself after i finish using it.

Administrator answers:

The easiest way to have your history not saved is working in Incognito mode. IT can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Shift+N.

Alternatively, there is a customization which will automatically delete any stored browsing data including cookies as soon as you click on the browsers ‘close’ button.
It can be done through the following method.
1. Click on Customize (the small ‘tool’ button on the top right.
2. Go to ‘Options’
3. Click on ‘Under The Hood’
4. Click on ‘Content Settings’
5. Check ‘ Clear cookies and other site data when I close my browser’
6. Close the Tab.

I don’t exactly know about the working of the second method.

Even Alternatively, you can follow the guidelines on the following page to set up a custom shortcut that allows you to launch Chrome in Incognito mode by default.


I prefer the last method personally. For a lazy guy like me, this is the best way to stay private.

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