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Your Questions About Google Chrome

March 3, 2013

Robert asks…

How can I remove the Google Chrome thing from my desktop?

I have a Mac computer and I just downloaded Google Chrome. It is working fine but in my desktop now is a little white thing (like what comes up when you insert a flash drive) with the Google Chrome logo on top. I have tried moving it into a folder but it just stays there and copies itself. I also tried ejecting it but when I opened up Chrome again it came back. How can I get it off my desktop?

Administrator answers:

It could be part of the package when you installed the google chrome browser. I think it might be google chrome desktop or something like that.

Perhaps you will have to uninstall google chrome to get rid of that application.

David asks…

How can I restore window in google chrome?

When I am in google chrome the window is to far over to allow me to close down I have tried dragging to the left but it wont drag to full screen so I cannot click on maximise or close buttons. Can anyone please help?

Administrator answers:

Right click Google Chrome’s icon that should be on you desktop. Once you right clicked it, click properties. Then click on the shortcut tab and you should see it will say run and a menu next to it on the right. Click that menu and choose maximized. If you want to ever change it you can so it is not always full screen (not like when you click F11).

Lizzie asks…

How do I get my Google Chrome shortcut back?

Several days ago, I lost my Google Chrome desktop icon and have not been able to get it back. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome. It will run if I go through the start button and run the program, but, does not have a desktop icon for a shortcut. This really is a pain and Google support is just not helping with this problem what-so-ever!!!! Please help!

Administrator answers:

Right click on your desktop > new > shortcut > browse : C:Documents and SettingsYour NameLocal SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe > next > Type a Name : Google Chrome

Steven asks…

How can I stop Norton from controlling Google Chrome?

Every time Google Chrome updates, norton blocks this application from contacting the internet. I always use an unprivileged windows account, and in this mode norton doesn’t ask me if I allow the changed application to contact the internet. So now I have to delete and re-create the firewall rule every time Google Chrome updates. How can I improve this?

Administrator answers:

To be honest Chrome isn’t that good. If you like the design you can download a Google Chrome theme on Mozilla Firefox. I would say Firefox is better for safety, design, etc. I own Norton and it works great with Mozilla.
Hope this helps!

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