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Your Questions About Google Chrome

March 29, 2013

Joseph asks…

Why want Google Chrome update on my desktop home computer?

I have Google Chrome (both builds) on my desktop at home. When I click the “wrench” in the upper right corner of the browser at work it will update without any problem or show that it is up to date. But when I click the “wrench” at home it gives me “Error 3″ and will not update.

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much.

Administrator answers:

I had that today..reinstalled google chrome…fixed :)

note:before reintstalling sync everything so you don’t have to remember passwords again, download extensions again..and etc

sync is in personal

also this might help:
(didn’t help for me because I didn’t have that reg key)

Sharon asks…

How do I change my google chrome back to regular google ?

I had regular google and for some reason I tried visiting this website called
and it said i needed to upgrade in order to use it so I upgraded into google chrome but now I try using youtube and it says I need to download adobe flash player . Whats wrong with it ?

Administrator answers:

What?! You’re talking about two different things. Google Chrome is a web browser like Internet Explorer – allowing access to the internet. Google is a search engine like Yahoo & Bing – allowing you to find what you want on various websites. I don’t know which one you are trying to fix.

Mark asks…

Where is a secure site where I can download Google Chrome?

I even typed in Google Chrome on the google search engine and it showed sites that weren’t even google that offered free downloads for the web browser. Does google have an area where you can actually download Chrome? Or is there a secure, safe site where I can download it?

Administrator answers:

Here’s the official:

Alternatively you can use this, which is a very trusted website:

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