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Your Questions About Google Chrome

April 11, 2013

David asks…

How to remove the new tab background in Google Chrome?

I’m using Google Chrome Dev. I like the theme Star Gazing, but the new tab page background that comes with it is ugly. Is there any way I can remove this background while still having the same theme? Can I give custom background?

Administrator answers:

Starting with Google Chrome 3.0, users can install themes to alter the appearance of the browser. Many free third-party themes are provided in an online gallery, accessible through a “Get themes” button in Chrome’s options, and by clicking an image link on the New Tab Page

Fixing that problem is harder enough then trying from the beginning

1.Click the wrench menu
2.Select Options.
3.Click the Personal Stuff tab.
4.Click Get themes in the Themes section to see the gallery. You can also go to the gallery directly by visiting
5.Preview different Google themes in the gallery by clicking their links or thumbnails. To see themes created by artists around the world, click the Themes by Artists tab at the top of the page.
6.When you find a theme that you’d like to use, click Apply theme on the gallery.
7.The theme is downloaded as a .crx file to your computer. Confirm your download by clicking Save for the file in the Downloads bar.

The theme will be applied immediately. If you change your mind, just click Undo in the message that appears at the top of page to go back to your previous theme.

Remove a theme

Go to the Options menu to reset your theme. Follow these steps:

1.Click the wrench menu .
2.Select Options.
3.Click the Personal Stuff tab.

In the Themes section, click Reset to default theme.
You’ll see the classic Google Chrome blue theme again.

1.You can follow these steps to completely remove themes’ .crx files from your computer:

2.Type chrome://extensions/ in the address bar and press Enter.
Click Uninstall for the theme you’d like to remove.

Lisa asks…

How do i get rid of the download folder with Google chrome?

I downloaded Google chrome and there is a folder in my documents that is called downloads but every time i delete it it comes back, i already changed the prefrences so my downloads go into another folder how to i get rid of it?

Administrator answers:

I go to the location of my download and delete there

For example, if I download to my desktop to easily find a download I no longer need, I simply delete it

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