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Your Questions About Google Chrome

April 24, 2013

Joseph asks…

How do I put a shortcut to a website on my desktop using google chrome?

I want to put links/shortcuts to certain websites on my desktop so that I can click on them straight from my desktop instead of having to open a browser and type in the URL. I have google chrome, so I need the steps to take to do that, using google chrome. most detailed answer gets 10 points! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Well, this should be very easy to explain but you want detail? I’ll give you detail.

1) Launch Google Chrome by double-clicking on the Google Chrome shortcut on your desktop.

2) Google Chrome should launch immediately as it is very fast.

3) On your screen should be a “Most Visited” page where there are nine thumbnails and some other tools on the right.

4) Go to the URL/search bar and type in the website you want to put the shortcut to.

5) Press the “Enter” button on your keyboard. It should be one of the biggest buttons on your keyboard (or not). Or you could just press the arrow next to the URL/search bar.

6) Make sure the spelling to the website is correct as if it is wrong, it could lead you to another page you have never seen before in your life.

7) Go to the paper icon which should be below the minimize and maximize and left of the spanner icon.
8) A drop down menu should appear

9) Navigate to “Create application shortcuts…” which should be the first option in the menu.

10) There should be a check box and everything. You should just ignore that and click the “OK” button.

11) Your tab should automatically close and it would reopen in a new window.

12) You can close that. The shortcut is already in your desktop.

13) Congratulations! You managed to create a desktop shortcut to your website with Google Chrome!

There you go! *puff* *puff* so tiring!
Hope I get Best Answer after all these effort!
Just kidding, choose whoever you think is best,,,

Sandra asks…

How to undo the change I have made in my google chrome?

I have made my Google chrome a default internet browser, now I have got all of the other favourites I have got on the Internet explorer, whenever I click to open internet explorer, Google chrome pops up because I made it my default browser, how do I undo this change?

Administrator answers:

I have Google chrome as my default browser and Internet explorer still opens normal. I also use three other browsers and they open normal also.
You must have some other problem. Making Google Chrome your default browser shouldn’t have anything to do with internet explorer. You could try
restoring your computer back to the day before you made Google Chrome your default browser and that might solve the problem.

Linda asks…

How do you make google chrome faster?

I just downloaded google chrome and it’s slower than opera . and I want to know how can I make google chrome faster . So can anyone help me?

Administrator answers:

Check this out….


John asks…

How do I set something as my home page on google chrome?

I have the updated version of google chrome, and I wanna set something as my home page. Can someone please tell me how?

Administrator answers:

Under the Close BUTTON from Google chrome there is THREE lines under each other , click on it , and then select Settings , then you can see a selection of Start UP, which is the second paragraph :) then you can choose ( Open a specific page or set of pages ) then write any home page you want to open….

William asks…

Is there a way to get a new google chrome window to always be maximized?

Whenever you open up a new window in google chrome, it’s always minimized and I’d like it to always be the maximum size. Is there a way to do this, if so, how?

Administrator answers:

Right click google chrome icon>>properties>>
and go to run and then do maximized

then it will always open new windows maximized

Charles asks…

I downloaded Google Chrome from the website How do I know what version it is?

What version is my Google Chrome is there a way I can check it?

Administrator answers:

Click on the wrench icon on the right and click “About Google Chrome”

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