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Your Questions About Google Chrome

May 17, 2013

Lisa asks…

How in the world do you delete things on Google Chrome?

I have Google Chrome and it saves like my emails and username’s and stuff and I want to make it stop. Does anyone know how?

Administrator answers:

Go to the little gear in the upper right hand click on it go to history or something of that matter and click delete it will ask you how much go to The beginning of time at least thats what my google chrome says :-)

James asks…

How to show exited websites on most visited for google chrome?

So for Google Chrome it shows the 8 most visited sites. I have exited many of them and now they do not show up as my most visited sites even if i still go to them

Administrator answers:

Instead of putting it on Most visited, try downloading Speed dial 2 from the chrome web store.
Its an easy way to keep the pages you visit the most on a speed dial kinda thing.
Its a free app on the google chrome web store.
It also shows your chrome apps which was not available in Speed Dial 1.
I use it and its nice.

Thomas asks…

How can I change my themes on google chrome?

I’ve downloaded google chrome and used a theme, but I downloaded another theme as well and was searching and searching, but just couldn’t figure it out.
Does anybody know where I can go on my web browser to change my themes back and fourth? I checked in tools, but their is no option and I thought it would be in the extensions part. Any help would be greatly appreciative.

Administrator answers:

Heres some links

and chrome dosen’t save old themes so make sure you remember it(by bookmarking, shortcut etc)

Sharon asks…

I downloaded google chrome and updated iTunes and now nothing works?

I downloaded google chrome and updated iTunes and let the computer restart itself. When I went back on I was unable to see a lot of the pictures and couldn’t get onton google from Internet explorer or google chrome. I restarted my computer again and the same thing happened.

I uninstalled itunes and restarted my computer and error 137 came up. And I can’t get into Internet explorer now.

Any other suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Boot in safe mode and do a system restore to the day before you did the updating. Once the OS is back to normal, reinstall Google Chrome and iTunes.

John asks…

How can i open pictures saved to “my pictures” folder on my PC directly to google chrome?

when i open them, they automatically open in internet explorer. i do have google chrome as my default browser. is there a way to have them open in google chrome?

Administrator answers:

Right click on the file and select “open with” and choose Google Chrome as default

Maria asks…

How can I delete my history without being signed out on google chrome?

When I delete my history on google chrome, it always signs me out of all my accounts. I reallyyyyyy don’t wanna sign in again every few hours (because I’m lazy):P

Administrator answers:

First of all, deleting history is lame, ESPECIALLY, on Google Chrome. You can just open up an incognito window on Google Chrome which doesn’t save history. All you have to do is first, open a Google Chrome window. Then press Ctrl.- Shift – N and ta-da. I hope this helps and…


David asks…

How to get back to an old google chrome theme?

I use Google Chrome and had an awesome theme that i’ve had for 1 year, then a changed some months ago and i can’t find the old one. Is it anyway to check every chrome theme you’ve had or something? Please i need help, I can’t stand having to dark and to bright internet screen. And not things with much colors.

Administrator answers:

Reset Chrome to the default, blue theme and try installing it again…….

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