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Your Questions About Google Chrome

May 30, 2013

Robert asks…

Are there any ways Firefox can incorporate Google Chrome into its web browser?

Firefox has a tab called IE tab, that can allow you to view pages in IE format. Should Firefox do the same for Google Chrome? What ideas do you have?

Administrator answers:

I just downloaded Google Chrome a minute ago, and I immediately noticed a bit that pages load up faster on Google Chrome than on my Fire Fox 3 browser. Also it seems like Wikipedia supports that claim as well. Then again, I wouldn’t be surprised since Google is all about search engines–that the team would want to maximize browsing speed also.

Within a few months Google’s new browser (in beta stage currently) should really expand. I can’t say when it will dominate, but the browser is very simplistic and yet very efficient as well!

Furthermore I’ve noticed tabs are also different from FireFox as well, as they are more towards the top of the page, and they can also be more easily dragged as well for easier managing I’m really digging the style of it as well!

Also, to answer your question about Google Chrome incorporating FireFox features, I can answer that with a yes. When I first downloaded Google Chrome, it gave me a notice that it would save all my bookmarks and any saved passwords from FireFox. After trying out Google Chrome after installation, I can assure you it really does save it all!

FireFox still is my favorite browser for Windows, but Google’s Chrome Browser is really growing on me fast. I really can’t wait for the google team to build applications for Chrome–so it will really take off!

Also.. Just beware though, that Chrome might not be as secure as Fire Fox at the moment . Supposedly people can get phished easier on Chrome then on Fire Fox, and there are a couple of security bugs that need to get fixed. A patch should fix that very soon though.

I hope this answers your questions, I did the best I could (:

Jenny asks…

Why is Mall world on Facebook and Mall World on Google Chrome soo different ?

Because on FB it has more hairstyles and stores and on Google Chrome it has less of everything ! I likee the FB much much better though. But why can’t it be equal ?

Administrator answers:

Its proberly the owner of the game gave the less updated to google chrome because if they gave the full game they would not have made any money but on FB FB pays some money each month to keep it up to date.

Mary asks…

How do I get Google Chrome to work on my laptop?

It worked fine the other day now when you open the laptop it doesn’t have the Google Chrome symbol it has a file page and when you click on it, it says ” The version of this file is not compatible with the version of windows your running. Check you computer system information to see whether you need an x86 or an x64 version of the program. And then contact the software publisher.” I have no idea where to go and fix the problem. I’ve updated windows and scanned it a couple times, hasn’t changed anything. Could someone help me out step by step? I’ll give 10 points, thanks.

Administrator answers:

Google chrome is one popular website where you can search any kind of information.It’s very easy to save in your laptop.You should download program of it.Which is easy process for you.

Donald asks…

Will my bookmarks restore on re installation of Google chrome ?

I’m right now using Google chrome and have signed in to it with my email id. I have lots of important bookmarks saved in this browser

But I’m planning to change my laptop so what I want to inquire is that when I install Google chrome again on new laptop and signed into Google chrome with that same id will all of my bookmarks be restored ?
@sanju How to make a back up?

Administrator answers:

Your bookmarks are automatically saved only if you are signed in to Google Chrome. You can check this by going to the browser menu and checking if you see “Sign in to Chrome…” half way down.

Not to take any chances, I would recommend backing up your bookmarks. This can be accomplished by typing the following address into the URL field: chrome://bookmarks

This should open the Bookmark Manager. From there simply click the “Organize” menu and choose “Export bookmarks to HTML file…”. Once you re-install Google chrome, use the “Organize” menu to import the bookmarks the same way you exported them.

Hope this helps.

Donna asks…

How do i change the default language to english in google chrome?

someone please? my google chrome right now is set in filipino language and i want it to change to english because i don’t understand filipino that much.

Administrator answers:

First, click the wrench icon (or the three horizontal bar icon on modern Google Chrome version), then click “Mga Setting”, then click on “Ipakita ang mga advanced na setting…” at the bottom of the page, then find on “Mga Wika” and click “Mga setting ng mga wika at spell-checker…” then click “Magdagdag”, then choose your preferred language as “Ingles (Estados Unidos) – English (United States)”, then click Ok. After that, restart Google Chrome on voila, it’s in English already!

Joseph asks…

How to stop Google Chrome updates from restarting the browser?

If Google Chrome says it wants to update (has that arrow on the options icon) and my computer goes to sleep due to inactivity, Chrome will restart itself. The next time I come back, the new window will be up, and anything extra that was there is gone. This is really starting to piss me off. Is there any way to stop it from restarting like this? I’ve never seen this happen with another program or update.

Administrator answers:

Most browser updates insist on re-starting the browser after they’ve done. You can always set Chrome to re-open itself with whatever pages were open when you closed it, in your start-up preferences. Alternatively you could just close it, or at least close all the tabs, any time you leave your computer idle.

Ken asks…

How do I remove the Bottom Toolbar in Google Chrome homepage?

When you open up Google Chrome at your Homepage (The Default one before you select your own page), Where you have the Most Viewed & Recently viewed pages, down in the bottom there is a small “toolbar”.. How do you remove it?

Administrator answers:

1. Click “Start”
2. Go to “Control Panel”
3. Select “Programs and Features”
4. Select the name the of the toolbar that appears in the Google chrome browser.
5. “Right click” and select “uninstall”

Michael asks…

How to get rid of the new Google Chrome tab page?

I just restarted my computer and now the google chrome new tab page has changed. You have to scroll between the app and most visited pages and I really don’t like it. Is there some way to change it back to where it had the Apps, Most Visited, and Recently Closed sections all on one page?

Administrator answers:

Not sure exactly how you have it originally but the easy way is to go to the wrench symbol on your top right corner of your Google Chrome. Set is to show a new tab to set it back as originally set by Chrome.

Here is a step by step direction from Google

Helen asks…

I accidentally pressed yes to have google chrome remember my facebook password. How do i get rid of it?

I just want to know how to get rid of that option. I don’t want google chrome to remember my facebook password. Thanks!!

Administrator answers:

Press Shift+Ctrl+Delete In Google chrome
It will take you the history cleaner
Now make sure you check – clear saved passwords
And select Obliterate the following items from: The beginning of time (Or whatever you prefer)
And hit Clear Browsing Data

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