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Your Questions About Google Chrome

June 10, 2013

Susan asks…

Why when saving picture in google chrome do they keep opening?

So just today my computer started opening every picture I save after I save it. I’m using google chrome. Anyone know how to fix this problem? I don’t have the always open this kind of file checked so thats not the problem. I just right click, save as, and then save. I don’t click anything else. It does it on everything one I save. Its just opening them on it own. Anyone know what the problem is?

Administrator answers:

Hi glad to help you… First click on the option icon on the right top of your Google chrome window… Then click on options… Go to downloads section and click “clear auto-opening settings” then check if it works.. Good Luck!

Mark asks…

how do you make google chrome stop trying to use orbit downloader to download everything?

So i recently started to use orbit downloader to download some stuff and i didn’t like it, so i uninstalled the program thinking it would get rid of it right? But it didn’t. And now every time i try to download something in google chrome (maybe other Internet browsers to i haven’t tried any) it trys to download it using orbit, and since i dont have it anymore i cant download it.

Administrator answers:

You do not need to change browsers or install/reinstall anything. The problem is not with Google Chrome. The problem is Orbit Downloader. You have to change the settings in Orbit. Open Orbit, go to “Tools” then “Preference” then “Monitoring”. If you can’t figure out how to do it, then try uninstall Orbit altogether.

Mary asks…

How to show a list of my most visited websites in google chrome?

I am looking for a way to order my favorites, based on which sites i visit most in Google Chrome, sort of like order from A- Z, but then for most visited websites.

I don’t mean the most visited tab in Chrome, but a list.

Administrator answers:

Instead of putting it on Most visited, try downloading Speed dial 2 from the chrome web store.
Its an easy way to keep the pages you visit the most on a speed dial kinda thing.
Its a free app on the google chrome web store.
It also shows your chrome apps which was not available in Speed Dial 1.
I use it and its nice.

Charles asks…

Why does google chrome automatically make a desktop icon when i start it up?

I have google chrome as a taskbar icon but for some reason now when I start it up it automatically puts a desktop icon on the desktop, I keep my desktop clear of icons so this is kind of annoying. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Administrator answers:

Google chrome may be doing this as part of an update. Google periodically sends out updates that google chrome automatically installs.

Though I don’t know why it would put an icon directly on your desktop every single time you open it… That makes no sense. You may need to go to the google forums to ask your question.

Paul asks…

How can I get my Google Chrome bookmarks on a different computer?

I bought a new computer and downloaded Google Chrome. I’m logged into Google. However, I don’t see my bookmarks. Where are they?

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

i have downloaded google chrome 5(in beta)
click tools menu and than hit “sent up a sync”

Laura asks…

How to get the themes page back on google chrome?

I deleted the google chrome themse page off of my faavorites list, how do i get it back?

Administrator answers:

Here you go:

Betty asks…

i uninstalled google chrome and now i cant get on the internet?

Hey so my cousin uninstalled google chrome and now she can’t open the internet pages. Its all connected but she can’t do anything else.

Anyone got any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Hey sweet heart! Dont worry
Just go to any one of the following links on ur internet browser and download?


A Merry Christmas n Happy New Year

Richard asks…

How do you make a specific page on a google chrome tab startup?

Now,so whenever I open a new tab page in google chrome the search conduit site or the AVG antivirus protection search site engine pops out and I want to change that.I want just a blank tab page,no specific sites.I used to do this but now I forgot.Please help me out here.

Administrator answers:

Open Chrome>settings>under”on startup” , choose “Open a specfic set of pages>click “Set Pages”>write the url of your desired page>click OK

Maria asks…

Why is Google Chrome being selective with what flash it plays?

It suddenly stopped letting me use a site that called for adobe flash 9 or higher. At first i was like “Oh ok… i’ll update?” but when i tried adobe was like “Noooo, Google Chrome will take care of all your updates.Your fine.” It’s only this one site though, it doesn’t have a problem running anything else (such as MMO’s and playing video’s. Java’s up to date, and i assume adobe is as well. Any tips?

Administrator answers:

Have you tried updating google chrome?
You can either hit the wrench and then about google chrome
it will update for you.

If it’s updated then you can try and type this in the URL box about:plugins and find the shockwave flash plugin and if it has red letters around it saying to update then do so.

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