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Your Questions About Google Chrome

June 20, 2013

Laura asks…

How do I view my Google chrome picture?

I downloaded a Google chrome theme, (Guild Wars 2 Theme) and how do I show the picture to my friend?

Administrator answers:

Send him to the google chrome theme to download himself or take a screen shot and post the picture to him.

Joseph asks…

How do i install plugins on google chrome?

Every time i install plugin it goes directly to internet explorer and not to google chrome or opera. I’m trying to install chameleon tom on my computer and its only working on internet explorer. If i have to set Chrome as my default browser could you please explain how?

Administrator answers:

Go to options in google chrome and then basics it should be last choice (hope this helps, i have dev version so idk if they will be in same place)

Maria asks…

Why does google chrome open a new window when I click on a link?

Why does google chrome open a new window when I click on a link? The internet page is zoomed (the search bar included and that does not change when I use ctrl +/-). I also cannot use the scroll on the touchpad for my laptop or even the up/down arrows to scroll thru a page. How can I fix these problems?

Administrator answers:

Have you tried new version of chrome the above problems are so unusual… may post you quesion to …..There you may get the same problem facing by others….

David asks…

How can i save my passwords from google chrome onto my computer because i have to uninstall it?

Google chrome will not go online at all and i have internet but it has alot of passwords that i need, but i dont know how to save them to my computer. ive tried copy and paste but it wont let me. once i get the passwords i can uninstall it.

Administrator answers:

Put this in URL box


then just get the passwords and write them down. I’m not sure if Chrome will remember them for next installation so it’s best to write them down so you dont forget them.

Mandy asks…

How do I bring back my Google Chrome homepage?

Today, I downloaded Microsoft PowerPoint but now whenever I press the Google Chrome icon, Babylon Search comes up instead. How do I get rid of this? Babylon is what ruined my last laptop. It made it slow and froze it to the point that it is no longer usable.

Administrator answers:

Hello, I had that search bar on my browser and I could delete it. You have to do several steps to eliminate that nasty program as it is software that is installed on your PC and the browser itself, there are more similar applications that do the same, see the link below is that they explain how to solve this problem.


Just hoping that this information will be helpful.

George asks…

How to make Google Chrome save all passwords without asking?

When I enter my username and password on a site, Google Chrome asks me if I want to save the password for that site. I want Google Chrome to remember my password(on any site) without asking me if I want to. Is it possible?

Administrator answers:

No, because Google is not perfect and has often mistaken other things from HTML forms as username/password combinations. (Machines don’t understand English, you know, they only understand predefined patterns)

Also, your privacy and data safety.

Daniel asks…

Is it possible to make my own themes for Google Chrome?

I see all these themes available for my Google Chrome browser, and i see some are “made” from “artists”. So I kept asking myself “Is it possible to make my own themes for Chrome without messing up my computer? If so, please let me know an easy way to make my own themes, because I want to personalize Chrome how I REALLY want it.

Administrator answers:

Yes possible. But to do so you need some basic programming knowledge. Take a look on and

Jenny asks…

How to unblock Google Chrome from my McAfee virus blocker thing or whatever?

Yesterday, a message popped up 3 times, I don’t remember what it said exactly, but I clicked don’t allow or something like that and now it won’t let me get on my Google chrome and I’m pretty pissed. Hellllp please?

Administrator answers:

Add Google Chrome into your exceptions of your McAfee virus scanner. You clicked “don’t allow” which means that you blocked Google Chrome. Or shut down your McAfee fully.

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