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Your Questions About Google Chrome

July 7, 2013

Steven asks…

How do you add an exception to hide a saved password on google chrome?

When you go onto your password options on Google chrome, and click show saved passwords, there’s an exceptions tab. How do you ADD an exception there so that it saves the password but does NOT show the password when you click “show password”? I have one exception and I don’t know how it got there but it is useful and I was wondering how you could add more? Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

In that exception tab….it does not store the password….exception means that if it reaches that page it wont store the passwords you enter
and to add to it….whenever chrome asks you whether you want to save your password…click on never for this site…that will add it there

Joseph asks…

How do I choose the destination my Google Chrome installation files?

I do not have enough free space on my C Drive, but I have a much larger external hard drive that I put most of my programs on. How do I choose the destination of my Google Chrome download?

Administrator answers:

You should be able to choose your destination folder when you click to download the file or even installing the file. If you can’t then, go to C:Program Files & look for Google Chrome (it may be in the Google folder). Then you can just move it to where you want it to be.

Jenny asks…

How do I get Google Chrome and Firefox to work?

I had the antispy safeguard virus which disablesd google chrome, firefox, and internet explorer. I got rid of it (i think) and i got internet explorer back. But chrome and firefox still don’t work. I like them better. To get rid of the virus i first changed the name of it to explorer, then more stuff. Should i just redownload them

Administrator answers:

First, go to Control Panel and open “Programs and Features”. Find Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox in the list. Highlight them and choose to uninstall them. After they’re un-installed, use your registry cleaner to remove all their remnants from the Windows Registry. Then you can go back and download the latest versions of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. You should be good to go then.

Ken asks…

Why is google chrome still going to a broken webpage?

My school’s website went down last week and now google chrome still goes to the broken version of the site rather than the updated site. Is there a way I can fix this?

Administrator answers:

Google chrome has been getting a LOT of glitches recently…I am using firefox until the next update.

James asks…

How do you change from internet explorer to Google Chrome?

So every time I click on a link that is supposed to open an internet window when I’m not on the internet, it immediately opens to internet Explorer. I was wondering if there was a way to get it to open in Google Chrome instead.

Sorry this is so confusing. If there is any more information that you need, let me know and I’ll give it to you. Thanks so much for all of your help!!

Administrator answers:

What you need to do is set Google Chrome to become your default browser.

1. Open google chrome
2. Click the wrench near the top right hand corner below the X
3. Go down to “options”
4. In the default browser section click “make google chrome my default browser”

and you’re done!

George asks…

How do I save my Google Chrome favorites bookmarks?

How do I save my Google Chrome favorites bookmarks and Firefox Book Marks? I’m changing my computer back to how it came when I first got it. I have a macbook. Any help?

Administrator answers:

I think the Chrome bookmarks are stored under $HOME/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Bookmarks in a mac.

You can also find the Firefox bookmarks by looking in the firefox (or mozilla) folder instead of Google

Mandy asks…

Why do internet games not work on google chrome?

I recently downloaded google chrome onto my new laptop and i tried playing online flash games but they wouldn’t work. Any help please.

Administrator answers:

Sometimes you need to browse to Adobe and re-install the flash Driver while using Chrome. I find the same issue with Chrome and Opera. The default flash driver installed sometimes does not register with the browser until you re-install the driver after starting to use the new browser.

Hope this helps

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