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Your Questions About Google Chrome

July 14, 2013

Mark asks…

Is it possible to block a website on Google Chrome for a certain amount of time?

I have Google Chrome and I was just wondering if it was possible to block a website and make it impossible to unblock for say a month or something. If this isn’t possible, how to just block it?

Administrator answers:

— Solution 1 : Redirect the unwanted requests (in windows itself, so it applies to any browser)

# Step 1

Open Windows Explorer, and type “C:WindowsSystem32driversetc” (without the ” ) in the address bar, then press “Enter”. Windows Explorer will present you with three files: “hosts,” “network” and “protocol.”

# Step 2

Open the “hosts” file. Right-click the file, choose “Open” and open the file in Notepad.

PS: if you’re using Vista and User Account Control (UAC) is activated then opening the file this way would lead to you not being able to save it after modification .. Instead, open Notepad itself As Administrator (Right-Click on Notepad Shortcut in the Start Menu, annd choose “Run As Administrator”) then open (Menu: File -> Open) the specified file “C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts”; this way you can save it later.

# Step 3

At the bottom of the document, add the numbers “″ (this address is the “Loop Back” address. It mean “The Current Network Device Itself”), followed by at least one space, followed by the URL of the website you want to block. For example, if you wanted to block “” you would enter “” to do so.

Do not put either “http://” or “www” in front of the names of websites you wish to block–doing so will result in the site not being blocked. You are blocking the entire site regardless of protocol.

# Step 4

Save the document and restart your computer. Any attempt to visit the site you blocked in Chrome (or any other browser, for that matter) will result in an error message.
In fact, those requests will get redirected toward “″ which is your own system, so if you are running a web server on your machine that server will receive the requests and you wont be getting the error. ( I think the error message is better)

PS: The day you decide to unblock the websites, simply remove the lines you added and reboot the computer.

— Solution 2 : use some Parental Controls software.

I don’t know any free Parental Controls software (the one I see most is PC Chaperone), check on these links anyways:

PS: the Solution 1 is simplier :)

Cheers !

Lizzie asks…

How to install themes in Google chrome that are in crx file format?

Usually when I install a theme on google chrome it automatic. However when I downloaded this custom theme, it presents itself as a crx file. How do I install this? Thanks

Administrator answers:

The extension .crx stands for the google extension files.
Click on the wrench (right upperside) , go to extensions, choose, and install.
Warning : do not install google extensions from some other sites, some people are abusing it for giving virus and use the extension . Exe, stay in the google extensions , keep your eyes open.

Sandy asks…

Will my bookmarked pages be saved on google chrome if I delete and re-download it?

I’ve been having problems opening google chrome and I have a BUNCH of sites bookmarked that I need for a project due tomorrow, so will they save if I just delete google chrome and re-download it? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

When you uninstall Google Chrome it normally asks you if you want to keep your user data (or words to that effect). If you choose to keep your data then your bookmarks should still be there when you re-install, but I would say it is a bit risky.

If you can’t open Chrome at all, it might work if you restart the computer, but you can restore your bookmarks without opening Chrome if you make a backup of your browser profile first by reading the instructions here you basically just need a copy of Bookmarks.bak for your bookmarks which you rename to Bookmarks and replace the saved version of Bookmarks with the blank version in the new installation.

If you can open Chrome, it is quite a quick and simple process to “Export bookmarks from Chrome” to an HTML file in case you need to import them again, see

To import them again, you would follow the instructions labeled “Import bookmarks from all other browsers”, because you are importing form an HTML file.

The other option is to sign in to Chrome, you would need to wait for it to complete the syncing process though, and I don’t think it’s great in terms of privacy because it also saves all your saved passwords and history to the Google cloud by default, and if you sign into Chrome on a public computer by mistake all your data gets transferred to that computer. If you delete bookmarks (rather than just uninstalling Chrome) from Chrome while it is synced (i.e. You are signed in to Chrome) they will also be deleted from the synced version. There is information about it here if you are interested

William asks…

How do I change my browser from internet 8 to google chrome?

I downloaded google chrome on my laptop but it still says I have internet 8. I don’t want internet 8, it was already on there when I got my laptop, but I want google chrome. How do I do it?
I already went to the settings to try to make it my browser, but its still not
when I go to internet options, it’s talking about changing my home page not my browser

Administrator answers:

Run Chrome, go to settings either by clicking the wrench in the upper right corner or typing chrome://chrome/settings/ in the address bar, you should see an option to make Chrome the default browser.

After that you can uninstall IE if you want to by using Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.

If you mean that if you open a HTML file it runs IE, then you will need to change the program associated with that file extension. In XP this is done under “Tools” > “Folder Options” in a file explorer window. Click the tab “File Types” scroll thru the list until you get to HTML click the “change” button browse to the “chrome.exe” file and click ok.

Linda asks…

How to install or use Greasemonkey scripts in Google Chrome?

I have heard that Google Chrome now supports Greasemonkey scripts … Where i can find the procedure to use GM scripts in Chrome? Step by step procedure?

Administrator answers:

Yeah Google Chrome now support Greasemonkey Scripts… Here is a small tutorial…


Paul asks…

How do I get google chrome search engine up straight away after I open a new tab?

When I open up a new tab it comes up with the google chrome homepage, and not the actual search engine. This has only changed recently. How do I get google chrome search engine up as soon as I open a new tab?


Administrator answers:

Click on the Download Google Chrome button on the right side of the screen. … Rule of thumb to always restart after installing a program to ensure a proper start up. … The bookmarks don’t go away in your other browsers, they are simply just added to Chrome, so there really is no downside to this option. … Related Searches …

Ken asks…

How do I stop sites opening in mobile view on my google chrome desktop?

Lately, when attempting to open an http site in my google chrome browser, the sites open in the mobile view. Cleaned out cache, history, downloads with not effect. Any suggestions.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried resetting it.??

If you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista :

Press Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt.

Enter ” %LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data ” without quotes and press enter..
You will find a “Default” folder .. Delete this folder and load chrome.
It will be reset to default settings.

Hope this helps :)

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