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Your Questions About Google Chrome

July 18, 2013

David asks…

How to get rid of zonealarm search engine from my google chrome?

I had uninstalled zonealarm but it is still the default search engine in my google chrome.
I had managed the search engines and set google as default but still the zonealarm home page comes everytime i open chrome.please help.

Is there any programme which i may have installed that will hide zonealarm ,if any idea suggestplease.Thanks .

Administrator answers:

In the Google Chrome browser,

put in the www part just type…….


Find ZoneAlarm in the list.
Click Uninstall.

Or if your just sick of it opening and want the protection to change your page to open at google do this.

Click the wrench icon wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
Select Settings.
Add the home button to the browser toolbar
Want a button on the browser toolbar that you can click to open your home page? Select the “Show Home button” checkbox in the “Appearance” section.
Set your home page
Pick the page you’d like to be your home page in the “Home page” section. You can select to use the New Tab page as your home page. To use another page, click Change once you’ve selected “Show Home button” checkbox.
Open specific pages when you open Chrome
You can choose to have Chrome open a set of pages upon launching Go to the “On startup” section and click “Set pages” to enter the web addresses.

Lisa asks…

How do I get rid of Babylon from Google Chrome?

I accidentally downloaded it and now I can’t get rid of it. I’ve already deleted it from extensions. I also changed the search engine from Babylon to Google already after deleting it in managing search engines and setting Google as default. It still won’t go away and when I open a new browser for Google Chrome it keeps popping up. What do I do?

Administrator answers:

Babylon is a rogue search bar, it is not enough to Uninstall it and remove it from the search engine lists.


Choose the wrench icon in the Google Chrome address bar and select Tools > Extensions.
(or enter chrome://settings/extensions in the location bar)
Check if any items of Babylon Toolbar or Babylon Chrome OCR are listed in the browser. If the Click on uninstall to remove the toolbar(s) from the browser.
Close the window. Choose the wrench icon again and choose Options from the contextual menu.
Check the Home Page setting under Basics to see if Babylon is listed. Replace it with another search engine that you want to use for your home page.
Click Manage search engines, check if Babylon is listed on the page. Hover your mouse overan Babylon entries, click the X icon to uninstall it. Go back to the previous page and pick another available search engine as the default browser search engine.

Sandra asks…

How do I fix my google chrome search bar?

I have google chrome if you didn’t catch my title. Anyway, whenever I use the search bar on google chrome it comes up as triple the words I write, so for example if I write: “pencil crayons” to the search bar google would put “pencil crayons pencil crayons pencil crayons” instead.
Is there any way to fix this? I like using google as my search engine, and I don’t want to switch to another one. Please and thank you :)

Administrator answers:

Simple way to fix this is
Press Windows Key + R to bring up command prompt.

Enter ” %LOCALAPPDATA%GoogleChromeUser Data ” without quotes and press enter..
You will find a “Default” folder .. Delete this folder and load chrome.
It will be reset to default settings.

Hope it helps :)

Mandy asks…

How do I get my google chrome history to go back?

Hi there,

I have recently been using google chrome browser. Unfortunately it wont seem to go back further than yesterday evening and I am desperate to find a you tube clip I viewed yesterday morning for a project I’m doing…

Please help!

Administrator answers:

Type in your address bar like this


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