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Your Questions About Google Chrome

July 26, 2013

Charles asks…

If i unninstall then reinstall google chrome will all my bookmarks be deleted?

I am having problems with google chrome and the only way to fix them is unninstall then reinstall it. But i don’t want to delete my bookmarks. (I have A LOT of them) would there be any way for me to keep them?

Administrator answers:

Before you uninstall google chorme, export all your bookmarks as html to your computer. This will create a backup of all your bookmarks.

Check this link below:

George asks…

How to change this setting on google chrome?

After i download anything on google chrome it automatically opens when it is finished. How do i stop this from happening?

Administrator answers:

I found the same problem answered here:

The solution is:
(1) Click on the “wrench” in the upper right hand corner
(2) Click OPTIONS
(3) Click UNDER THE HOOD at the top
(4) Scroll down to the DOWNLOADS area

David asks…

How to stop Google Chrome from refreshing pages?

Every so often Google Chrome will reload a page I am reading. I have looked in the Options area but cannot find any way to stop this happening. Can this be done and how do I do it ?

Administrator answers:

I suggest you reinstall your Chrome browser as this is not normal behavior. If this still doesnt work, try replacing your keyboard (not with a new one, just to test this out). Why you may ask? Well because your keyboard may be faulty and randomly pressing F5 (refresh)



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