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Your Questions About Google Chrome

July 30, 2013

Joseph asks…

How do I change the default language on the Google Chrome search engine?

When I search something using Google Chrome, it brings up the search results using the Italian page. Yes, I live in Italy, but I don’t understand a lick of Italian! So, I would like to change the default site, does anyone know how?

Administrator answers:

If you make a Google account, you can set your location preferences in your account. Then log in and click the “Remember Me” box, and it should go to your set location each time you search.

Linda asks…

Is there any type of custom Google Chrome start page?

I was wondering if there is a custom Google Chrome homepage. I like how Mozilla Firefox has it own homepage, where it says “Firefox Start”. Currently I am using Bing, because I simply don’t like GC’s New Tab Page. Thanks guys

Administrator answers:

There are actually tools and info to help you create your own Google Chrome themes:

Laura asks…

Google Chrome title and address bar is smaller, how do you fix it?

I recently updated my Google chrome browser, now since the update my title for every webpage and address bar is small. I checked the font size and screen resolution and it is all under normal default. This is very unusual even my internet explorers address bar is smaller. Please Help, thank you!

Administrator answers:

Jun 27, 2012 … The small icons displayed in the browser’s address bar is known as a “favicon. … Bar of My Website · How to Customize the Address Bar in Google Chrome … You may also create a text or graphic logo that you can then resize.

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Donna asks…

why does my tumblr work in google chrome but not in internet explorer?

my blog works perfectly fine in Google chrome but is all f-ed up in internet explorer? why is it doing that? is there a way to fix it?

Administrator answers:

Google Chrome has more common extensions and you need to install them manually on Internet Explorer. I say just stick to Google Chrome, it’s faster and easier with more extensions built in.

Daniel asks…

How to open Google Chrome apps through Microsoft PowerPoint?

Is there any way (other than using screenshots of them) that I can incorporate Google Chrome applications into a PowerPoint presentation so that I can open them in the presentation?

Administrator answers:

In Google, use the export feature to save in PowerPoint file format.

Michael asks…

How do i get rid of imesh search engine in google chrome?

every time i open google chrome, this imesh search engine opens and i uninstall imesh application, it remains there. how can i remove it?

Administrator answers:

I think u have imesh program installed in the start up of the google chrome..u can check in its setting from the top right corner of the chrome,there u can find “on startup” . Below that tab, u will find -”Open a specific page or set of pages.Set pages.” if u click on the [set pages],then u can see the number of sites which will open on the startup of the chrome.u can delete the weblinks u dont want to keep there..after that..restart ur chrome..that’s it..i hope it will help u..cheers!!

John asks…

How to get rid of google chrome to go back to internet explorer 8?

I don’t know how I downloaded it but google chrome is now my web searcher.. and it’s just annoying. how do you go back to internet explorer 8?

Administrator answers:

Assuming you are Windows user, just from the way you speak.

Go the your control panel, then add/remove programs.

Find the Google Chrome browser and click remove.

Then find your icon for IE 8 and click on it. It might ask you if you want it to become your default browser again, hit yes.

The computer will not hurt you. Don’t be afraid to click.

Carol asks…

How do you get rid of erroer 18 on google chrome?

I cant go on it. Everytime I go on google chrome it says “This may be because your firewall or antivirus software wrongly thinks Google Chrome is an intruder on your computer and is blocking it from connecting to the Internet.” (copied and pasted) and I tried adding it to my firewall but its on there it says. Pleasee help!

Administrator answers:

Gooogle is google

Helen asks…

Why is google chrome going desktop and not mobile on my iphone?

How do I get google chrome to show mobile sites on my iphone 5 instead of the desktop sites?

Administrator answers:

There appears to be a problem with iphone and the Google Chrome browser ad many people have had the same issue. You should just go back to safari browser and use google as your search engine

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