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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 1, 2013

John asks…

How can I recover my bookmarks in Google Chrome after I have reinstalled a new version?

I was trying to reinstall another version of Google Chrome yesterday and I was trying to sync it without losing my data, but I think I lost my bookmarks. Is there a way I can restore my old bookmarks, maybe from a history file, an bookmark.bak file or restore system files? I really need my old bookmarks. I still have some files in my history but I don’t know if I can use any of them to restore my bookmarks.

Administrator answers:

You may be able to find a Bookmarks.bak file in AppData but you may also have to open it in Notepad, copy and paste the bookmarks one by one to fetch them back.
(C:)/Users/(your moniker)/AppData (hidden)/Local/Google/Chrome/ Default/Bookmarks.bak

James asks…

How do you remove the Most viewed thumbnails from google chrome?

those box thingies when you click on new tabs on google chrome… I dont only want to remove the pictures i want to completely remove the boxes because I bought a theme and those boxes kind of ruin the show of it (stupid reason I know :P )

Administrator answers:

Just as a note you can remove individual pages from most visited by clicking the small X in the top right of the thumbnail when you hover the mouse over it.

For what you want, the first thing I would do is switch to Apps view, either click the right hand side of the screen or click “Apps” at the bottom to switch to it (the preference should automatically be saved). You probably have a few Apps like Google or YouTube (and Chrome Web Store, which is the only one you don’t seem to be able to remove unfortunately, but getting rid of the others should clear things up a lot), these are really just links to the site so you don’t really need them and it is easier to permanently remove them than most visited which will keep coming back. Just right click them and select “Remove from Chrome”.

Donald asks…

How to reset google chrome to new , deleting everything?

how can i reset google chrome to how it was whn i first downloaded it, ldefualt setting, no history no nothing..ive already tried unninstalling it and reinstalling it, but it doesnt work. how can i reset EVERYTHING?

Administrator answers:

1. Uninstall Google Chrome

2. Go to C:UsersJesseAppDataLocalGoogle replacing “Jesse” with your Windows username.

3. Delete the folder “Chrome.”

4. Reinstall Google Chrome

5. If you have Chrome set to sync with your Google Account, and you wish to reset the sync data too, go to and scroll to Google Chrome. Tell it to delete all the sync data. Do this before resyncing with chrome after reinstall

Carol asks…

When is google chrome 3 going to be released and what new features are their going to be?

Does anyone know or have a guess when the stable version is going to be released. I know they have the beta Google chrome 3. But when is the stable Google chrome 3 going to be released? Also does anyone know what new features are in Google chrome 3?

Administrator answers:

I’m currently using Google Chrome 3.0.193 (the developer version). The stable should be released this year (my guess) since Google is coming out of all their beta services recently (Docs, Gmail etc.). From what I’ve seen in dev version is just the change in the look of the browser when users open a new tab.

See the screenshot below:

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