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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 9, 2013

Laura asks…

How do I change the colors and design on google chrome?

I used to be able to do it by just clicking the bottom right when I open a new tab and just selecting a theme to download. Now, it just shows me a bunch of other stuff that isn’t about changing the design on google chrome. Is there anything else I can do to change the way google chrome looks again?

Administrator answers:


If your history is cleared the link should show up.

Steven asks…

what do you think is wrong with my google chrome installation?

I’ve been trying to install google chrome but everytime it fails.
it says
code error = 0x80072efe
if it would be of any help.

I also tried turning off y windows firewall.

Help please.

Administrator answers:

0x80072efe seems to be a windows update error.

You should not use google chrome,
it is one big piece of spyware,
it sends out information about every site you visit
and also sends out other personal information to google.

Use SRWare Iron instead.
It is a chrome browser without the google crap.

Srware iron :

it works well in all versions of windows.


John asks…

How do i transfer bookmarks between other google chrome accounts?

i do not wish to transfer bookmarks between computers. and i do no wish to import bookmarks from IE to Google chrome. I wish to find the way to transfer bookmarks between accounts. I have shared an account with a friend for a while and i have built up his bookmarks. I finally chose to branch off and finally make my own email on the website to have my own browser account. But none of the bookmarks stayed from the other account. I tried to import, but it didnt have the option for it.

Does anyone have an easy way to transfer bookmarks other then copy every link and put on new bookmark.

Ps. i wouldn’t be complaining if i didn’t have about 200-300 bookmarks to move.

Administrator answers:

Go to Google chrome > Click the Triple Bar > Bookmarks > Book mark manager > Organize > Export book marks to HTML file

Hope that helps &
Good luck ~

William asks…

Does anyone know where the google chrome bookmarks are stored in the computer?

I need to copy them over to a flash drive and transfer them to my new laptop.
And yes both laptops have google chrome. I’m not retarded.
…Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

You can export your bookmarks from Google chrome in this way:

1. Click the wrench icon on the browser toolbar.
2. Select Bookmark manager.
3. Click the Organize menu in the manager.
4. Select Export bookmarks.
5. Choose a location where you want your exported file to be saved, then click Save.
6. Google Chrome will export your bookmarks as a HTML file.

Hope this helps!

Maria asks…

How do I reset to Google Chrome default settings on new page and new tab?

I have Google Chrome and after downloading stuff when ever I open Google Chrome “mystart” opens up as a start up, how do i reset to default settings. So when I open up the Google Chrome internet the page will open of the themed view and the recent pages etc.. It’s really frustrating me.
Clicking on the open new tab thing in the settings doesn’t work, it still opens “mystart”

Administrator answers:

It is very simple to change it into its default
1.Open your browser
2.Click on the spanner button (wrench icon)on the top right and select settings option
3.Choose Open the new tab page or set the website link you want in the on start up option
4.Set the settings you want and restart the browser
If you want to change the theme Choose Get themes or click Change it to default in the Appearance option next to it
If it’s not working
Click on the wrench icon and choose settings and now go to manage search engines options and make Google as default and again set “open new tab’
then, Click on the extensions option to your left and uninstall anything of My start by clicking on the trash icon
Restart your browser

That’s All

Helen asks…

Are there any known issues with the Google Chrome browser failing to load?

Recently, after turning on my laptop (Dell Inspiron N4010; Intel Core i5; 4GB RAM; Windows 7 64-bit) for the first time, Google Chrome fails to load. The screen in white. Uninstalling and then re-installing as well as deleting the Google Chrome folder has not worked. Under the privacy settings, the only thing I have checked is “Enable phishing and malware protection”. I have to wait approximately 30 minutes to clear the browsing history every time I want to use Google Chrome, which works better than other browsers when it does work.

Administrator answers:


There seems to be a few issues from my google search with Google Chrome Loading. At the link below you may find a resolution to your issue.


Thank You,
Dell-Jesse L
Dell Social Media and Communities

Sandy asks…

How to restore the Google Chrome new tab page?

I exited Google Chrome n then reopened it & now my new tab page is completely blank. How do I get back to the old one with the thumbnails?

Administrator answers:

1. Click on the wrench
2. Click on options
3. Click on Basics (left side), *might already default there*
4. On right (Under Homepage Section), put dot in the circle “Use the New Tab Page”
5. Close and reopen Google Chrome

Sandra asks…

What happens if you install and uninstall Google Chrome dozens of times?

I have a friend who does installs and uninstalls google chrome daily to hide his internet activity at work. What registry errors or harm can he be doing to his laptop?

Administrator answers:

When you install a program, it usually puts some information to the registry. When you uninstall it, that information is either removed or left alone (it depends on the program).

If you then install the program again, and its information was already in the registry, the old information is replaced with the new information, or the registry is left alone (once again, it depends on the program).

If the new information replaces the old information, that does not make the registry grow bigger or somehow decay, all that happens is a few bytes someplace in a file are changed. Computers do that millions of times a day and nothing bad happens!

P.S. Your friend does not need to keep uninstalling Chrome. He can install it once and run it in incognito mode, so it does not keep any history of the sites he visits. But he also may be wrong that he’s hiding anything – the network at his job may be keeping track of the sites he visits at a level where it doesn’t matter whether he uses Chrome or anything else.

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