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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 11, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How to disable deleting history in Google Chrome?

My dad keeps deleteing my history and its really annoying that I have to type in the web sites again.. Anyone know how to disable the delete button in Google Chrome?

Administrator answers:

Hello, I am Gaspar from Ask Dr.Tech support service.

In Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome.
2. Go to “Tools” > “Options” > then “Personal Staff” tab.
3. In this window find “Browsing Data” section, and press “Clear browsing data…”.
4. In the opened window uncheck all items (or those you need).
5. Press “Close” button twice.

That’s all.

Charles asks…

How to change back to the google chrome homepage?

I just downloaded this avg internet security thing and now when I click on the google chrome short cut thing, it sends me to an avg/yahoo home page. That’s annoying. How do I change it back to the google chrome page?

Administrator answers:

Click on ? In the top right, select Settings. Under Search, select Manage search engines, set Google as default search engine and delete any others you do not want. Under Appearance, check the Show home button and set your homepage. Under On Startup, check Open a specific page or set of pages and select your homepage.

Mandy asks…

How do I recover my deleted cache in Google Chrome?

I accidentally deleted all my cache in Google Chrome and now all my Image, video, and other files are missing. Please help me, its very important to recover my files because all of my works and needed for college are there.

Administrator answers:

I honestly don’t think you can.. Try to find a deleted files restorer theirs one in advanced system care 4 other wise you gotta Google them.

David asks…

My Google Chrome bookmarks are gone, How do I get them back?

More than half of my bookmarks on Google chrome were deleted when I synced, how do I get them back?
A lot of the Folders I had are now gone, and in the folders I still have a lot of bookmarks are missing.

Administrator answers:

Go to chache of google chrome..
I think on there

Sandy asks…

can Google Chrome be made as safe to use as Firefox?

I currently use Firefox on my PC [Windows XP]. I would like to try Google Chrome, but I am not sure whether its security features are good enough. Firefox has a “traffic light” website warning system, which gives sites a green, amber or red rating, to alert the surfer to dangerous sites.
Does Google Chrome have this kind of feature, and if so, how good is it?

Administrator answers:

Firefox is used to be better than chrome but not now,According to latest research chorme is more popular than firefox and now more people use chrome

Just like firefox google chrome also offer great plugin and extensions. & one more thing Chrome is much faster than any other browser and you can make it more faster by adding some great extions
i just google it and found an interesting article hope it will help

Susan asks…

How do I get my favorites onto Google Chrome?

I got a new computer and I had all my favorites from my old computer on a hard drive. How do I get all of them onto Google Chrome at once?

Administrator answers:

I try to open the favorites list and to pick up th… … Related Questions. How do I open my favorites in Google Chrome? …

Steven asks…

How can I change the settings of Google Chrome?

So every time I click to a link google chrome opens a new tab. I want to change it and open the link in the existing tab but I don’t know how?

Administrator answers:

Click on Personal Settings at

Donald asks…

Can you still use internet explorer after you download google chrome?

So, I’d like to have google chrome, but i don’t know if i can still choose to use internet explorer or not. Can you?

Administrator answers:

Yes, you can set up through the options in IE to allow different tabs. The best way to go about it is to have your Google Chrome or Firefox installed on your desktop, then drag them down to your quick launch area, (bottom left XP). That way you can open any browser you want, open them all at once if you have enough memory.

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