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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 16, 2013

Sandra asks…

If I uninstall and then reinstall Google Chrome will all my bookmarks be deleted?

I have Windows 7 and since yesterday Google Chrome would always crash and say “Whoa! Google Chrome has stopped working!” I want to try and uninstall then reinstall Google Chrome but I’m worried that my bookmarks will get deleted. Will they be deleted if I uninstall and then reinstall Google Chrome?

Administrator answers:

Yes. Basically you are reinstalling Google Chrome and everything will be just like it was when you first got it.

Joseph asks…

How does firefox compare to google chrome?

I heard that firefox is really secure, but is google chrome the same?


Administrator answers:

I’ve used just about every browser from IE to opera. Firefox to chrome. I’d say that in my opinion chrome is slightly better then firefox. Browser aren’t 100 % dependent on how fast they are them self’s it also depends on your processor and broadband speed. I’m running vista on a single core with 512 MB. I have found that both browsers are good but both have bad things and good things about them. Firefox is fast but i think chrome can be faster at times but there isn’t much difference. In terms of extensions (addons) Firefox has loads more than chrome. Although chrome has a simple interface and simple tasks like bookmarking are easier to do. So if you want a fast browser with loads of addons then i suggest Firefox. If you want a slightly faster browser but not so many addons then get chrome. If you don’t really care about addons but like a fast browser then i suggest opera (it has widgets instead of addons). In terms of security they none of them really helps in tht area so i suggest getting avira a free anti virus if you haven’t already. But Firefox will check for viruses when downloading i believe chrome does the same. But its up to you. BTW chrome and Firefox have a add-on called WOT which tells you if you can trust a website or not. I hope this helps :)

Richard asks…

How do I find my Google Chrome Theme?

I downloaded a google chrome theme, and I want to give it to a friend. I forgot the name of it though, so how do I find it?

Administrator answers:

When you download it, it is either saved in the path file that all the files you download are saved or in your program files, where the google chrome is installed!

Donald asks…

Will my google chrome settings transfer automatically to my new chromebook?

Though I think I know the answer, I’d like to double check. I use google chrome as my browser. I have it all set up with google apps and extensions. I recently ordered a Samsung Chromebook. When it arrives, will I have to set up all my google chrome apps and extensions all over again, or will it automatically be there since it is web based? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Yes of course. As long as you are logged into Your current Google Chrome,
When you sign into Google Chrome on your Chromebook , your settings and favorites should start populating.

George asks…

How to get rid of the Google Chrome mount on Mac desktop?

I just installed Google Chrome on my Mac and during the installation it made a disc mount onto my desktop. Anyway once Chrome was installed I believed I could eject this image so I did and it just uninstalled chrome. So anyway I reinstalled it and now I have simply left the mounted image on my desktop but it is sort of annoying and I am sure it doesn’t have to be there.

Any way of getting rid of it without uninstalling chrome?

Administrator answers:

You’re supposed to drag the application (in this case, Google Chrome) from the disk image to your Applications folder (from there, you can drag it from Applications to your Dock if you wish). THEN unmount the disk image.

Sharon asks…

How do I change my browser to google chrome?

When I get on the internet, it still says my browser is internet explorer, but when I log onto google chrome on my desktop it says that its my default browser. Some web pages said I need to change my browser, I want google chrome but I don’t know how to change it. How do I make google chrome my browser?
I have windows Xp

Administrator answers:

You should’ve mentioned your OS built. Anyways,

For Windows 7: Got to Start>Default Programs>Set Default Program (1st Option)>Google Chrome>Set this program as default.

You’re Done.. :)

David asks…

How secure is Google Chrome compared to say Mozilla Firefox?

Google Chrome claims to be faster but is it secure?

Administrator answers:

A very high profile, annual hacking contest named Pwn2Own, where they offered $10,000 (yes, ten grand) to anybody that could successfully hack into browsers and OS’s (Linux, Windows, and OS X). The first day was a contest to hack into Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome… They ALL got hacked within minutes, except for Chrome. Chrome as of today, has never been hacked! Check out the article below, or do a web search on Pwn2Own.

Lisa asks…

How do i change my internet automatic using back to google chrome?

i downloaded mozilla.. and now everytime i click on my hotmail or something it opens with mozilla… how do i change that back so that its using Google Chrome?
i dont see that.. all i see is … properties.. and the is nout on there about it.

Administrator answers:

Either un-install Mozilla or Go to Google Chrome and in the top right click on tools (the wrench).

Then go to Options

Then it will say at the bottom of the basic tab- Default Browser

Click on Google Chrome.

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