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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 20, 2013

Sandy asks…

How do I open downloaded files in google chrome?

I downloaded files in google chrome. But I cannot open them. How can I do it?

Administrator answers:

Brother the files you download with chrome are automatically saved in your “Downloads” folder placed in your “My Documents”. You can easily find your files in that folder.
Just open you “My Documents” and then “Downloads”

Mark asks…

Can you set Google Chrome to open when you log on to your user?

Is it possible that when I type in my Password and enter my User, that Google Chrome opens by itself automatically?
I would just find this extremely convenient.

Administrator answers:

Yes, just create a shortcut that points to Chrome executable file : C:UsersYOUR_USERAppDataLocalGoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe

Place this shortcut in Start Menu, Startup
Then everytime you log on, Chrome will open

Charles asks…

How do i put all of my Google Chrome Bookmarks into the Internet Explorer Favorites?

Ok so i want to transfer all of my bookmarks from google chrome to the internet explorer favorites.

How do i do that?

Administrator answers:

Get a little extension for each browser called Xmarks. It’s syncs you favorites between browsers. It works with Chrome, IE and FF.

Maria asks…

Can I keep my tabs visible on Google Chrome when in fullscreen mode?

I just downloaded Google chrome and I love the design, but I don’t like how the size affects what I can see. When it’s in regular mode the box is too small, and when it’s in full screen mode, the search box and tabs disappear when my mouse isn’t at the top of the screen. Is there any way I can change this? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Good idea having google chrome, i’ve used it for years and it’s the best ever & very versatile when you have had a good look at it in detail,,,
Anyhow if i’m reading what you are saying correctly >>> Click the icon extreme top right of page(it’ll either be a spanner or a small striped box)>In options box that opens click onto settings>scroll down and click onto Advanced settings > you will see “Web content”…Play about with “font size” and “page zoom” until you are happy with it, I think this is what you mean by way you are describing it

Thomas asks…

Why is it that Google Chrome always stops my Youtube video?

Whenever I play a video on YouTube, on Google chrome, it always freezes or slows down or stops, and takes a long time to load. How can I fix this without leaving Chrome?

Administrator answers:

The cause of your problem is simple: your “cache”
memory & “temporary internet files” are nearly full.
This is especially true if you’ve been watching lots
of videos or playing a lot of games.

If you are experiencing either: A) slugglish loading
and buffering, B) “choppy” videos which frequently
start/stop/start/stop, C) the YouTube dotted circle
looking like it might spin for ever, or D) videos that
will sometimes come to a sudden “stop” or freeze,
that is often a sign that your cache/memory is full
and cannot take anymore.

Exit out of YouTube (but not your browser) and do
the steps which are below. Afterward, shutdown &
reboot. Not only will this “free up” your computer’s
memory, everything will be “fresh”, and load faster:

Google Chrome:
? Tools (wrench) ? Clear browsing data…
[x] Clear browsing history
[x] Clear download history
[x] Empty the cache
[x] Delete cookies
Clear data from this period: ? Everything
? Clear Browsing Data


If you have other applications which are running at
the same time, those will slow down YouTube too.
If you have “Torrents”, you might want to consider
closing or uninstalling them. A couple people who
chose me as “Best Answer” wrote that everything
worked great after they’d uninstalled their Torrents.
For some reason, simply closing them didn’t work.

Also, “Adblock Plus”, various Instant Messengers
and every “stupid video accelerator” under the sun
is known to interfere with YouTube.

Another thing you may want to consider is turning
off your anti-virus — but only momentarily. As long
as you remain on YouTube (and don’t scamper off
to other websites), you will be okay, because you
cannot get a virus from YouTube.

Steven asks…

How do I use Google search in the address bar when I use Google Chrome?

I don’t know how it changed, but you know in Google Chrome, you can use the address bar as a built-in search engine, right? The search engine in there for me used to be Google, but now it’s Yahoo. I don’t know how that suddenly changed, so do you know how I can change it back? Can you direct me to the right settings? Thanks..

Administrator answers:

Click on the spanner image above
Choose Options
At the Default Search:
Choose Google
Then click the close button

Now you should get Google Search Engine at the address bar above in Google Chrome.

Joseph asks…

Why when I double click google chrome it will not open?

Why when I double click google chrome it will not open??

I’ve uninstalled it and reinstalled it. It did not change anything. It is still my default browser so when i click on a link it opens right away.

I’ve tried making a shortcut on the desktop and that didnt help either.

Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Try opening it from


Run>Local Settings

Sharon asks…

What is your average speed of Google chrome to browse a web page?

My Google chrome opens a page in averagely 6.5 seconds. Including big pages( take time to open e.g you tube videos) and small pages.You can work out the average. Is it a good speed or not. And what is yours. If you have another browser you can even give its speed.
OK how much time it takes to open:
1) You tube video
2) Wikipedia
3) A small web

Administrator answers:

My firefox opens youtube in about 1.5 secs.
IE 8 takes almost the same.
Opera was a bit faster though.

But,it depends on internet connection.(i have a 2mbps shiitty connection)

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