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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 22, 2013

Carol asks…

Why does shockwave flash keep crashing in google chrome?

Why does it keep crashing and not responding in google chrome? How do I fix it?

Administrator answers:

Try using the latest version of google chrome and flash

Helen asks…

How to save pictures and images on Google Chrome?

Hey guys! I just got Google Chrome and I was wondering how I could save images and post them on myspace or something on google chrome because when I right click on the picture and save the image it goes in as a download…

Administrator answers:

It goes to your Download directory i.e. C:Documents and SettingsMy DocumentsDownloads

As you are new to Google Chrome. See if this review of Chrome helps:

And for all you want to know about Google Chrome go to:


Steven asks…

How do i get into the Auto fill options on google chrome?

I used to (on my last computer) be able to fill a form on google chrome which allowed me to fill in the options. Can i do that now? I want enter more auto fill emails. . .

Administrator answers:

Copy and past chrome://chrome/settings/autofill in your chrome browser and hit enter. It should take you to what your looking for. It’s layed out a little differently, so be warned. X

Ken asks…

How to apply a new theme to Google Chrome?

Once downloaded, how do you install the new theme so that it works in Google Chrome?

Administrator answers:

Have a look at the below website, it has some stuff you can download, and I also use google Chrome, and its great, so fast!

Michael asks…

How do i delete my history with google chrome?

I have google chrome and i want to delete my history, i have a slow computer and i think the history might slow it down. Have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Open ur internet browser, go to Tools, scroll down to delete browsing history.

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