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Your Questions About Google Chrome

August 25, 2013

Jenny asks…

How do you get rid of recently viewed tabs on Google Chrome?

When you open Google Chrome or open a new tab, there are like 8 boxes of your recently viewed there. How do you get rid of one of those Someone used my pc and every time I open a tab or Google it is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated? I dont like what is sitting there. Thanks

Administrator answers:

Open Chrome press Ctrl+H and click on Clear all Browsing data.

Donna asks…

How do I reset my Norton settings? I blocked a “remote” and Google Chrome is no longer working?

There was an alert that said that there was a remote trying to get through via Google Chrome. I clicked “Block Always” and now my Google Chrome is not working. How do I edit these settings?! Help!

Administrator answers:

Reinstall Google Chrome. I did that when I had ZoneAlarm firewall. I blocked it, then tried to get on it later. And it just closed. So I went to Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs>Click Google Chrome>Uninstall.

Then if you have Internet Explorer, go on there and download it again.

If you don’t have IE, go and copy the setup of Google Chrome to a jump drive, floppy disk, or cd and take it to your computer and put the setup on there and run the install. Good as new.

And since you don’t have IE, I recommend you get it, just in case of times like this.

Mandy asks…

Why does Google Chrome keep logging me out of websites when I close it?

Google Chrome logs me out of all websites, except for flash websites. It is not set to clear the cookies, temporary internet files, or cache on exit.

Administrator answers:

Go to settings and change cookies to remain till they expire

Donald asks…

How do I make pictures appear on facebook with google chrome?

I downloaded google chrome, and I heard there’s a way to make pictures come up by using :: like on facebook. An example would be :megusta: and a megusta face would appear. How do I do that? 

Administrator answers:

Go open a new tab, look at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘apps.’ Go to the app store [don't worry it's free] and search for ‘troll emoticons.’ Hit download and you will see a little icon appear next to the wrench [it’s right below the ‘x’ in the top right of your screen. Right click or click on that and you will quickly learn how to use it. But only people who use Chrome can see the emoticons, so just keep in mind that if your friend uses Firefox, they will not see the face.

Robert asks…

How to I locate the folder with all my saved passwords in google chrome?

I am going to format my hard drive. I use google chrome, and all my passwords are stored in it. I am backing up all the files that I want to save, but I can not locate the folder that stores my passwords. Does anyone know hot th find that folder?

Administrator answers:

Click on the wrench symbol at the top right hand corner of your screen, click Options. Click the tab ‘Personal Stuff’, click Show Saved Passwords.

James asks…

How can I change the thumbnail of my google chrome most visited site?

i want to change the screenshot of my google chrome.And there is no “Thumbnail” file in the google chrome folder.. can some1 help me with this :) )
sorry for my bad english

Administrator answers:

Step 1: Uninstall Google Chrome
Step 2: Open Internet Explorer
Result: No more revealing your fap sites to company :D

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