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Your Questions About Google Chrome

July 25, 2012

Richard asks…

google chrome???????????

I’ve been using google chrome for a while but then i had to recover my pc and when i downloaded it again when i search in the toolbar where u put in websites it takes me to yahoo instead of google. how can i change that so when i write something it takes me automatically to google??
thank youuuuuuuu :) ))))

Administrator answers:

In the Options of settings you can change your search engine. Just simply write you default search engine name i.e. Google and save it……

Daniel asks…

Google Chrome?!?!?!?!?

ok i downloaded the google earth and it gave me google chrome… like it changed the view of the internet home page. how do i get rid of the whole google chrome thing. i want my normal internet back!

Administrator answers:

In my opinion google chrome works alot better then mozilla firefox or the traditional internet explorer. You can always uninstall it however by going to the CONTROL PANEL and then going to ‘add or remove programs’ and clicking ‘google chrome’ and then ‘uninstall’.
In the future when you download programs, always make sure you ‘untick’ the certain special features and things downloads have to offer, if you don’t want them added. This itself will save you internet mb usage :) , and time for when you have to uninstall your unwanted programs

Helen asks…


i just started using google chrome cause i think its faster.but its so different then internet explorer.i cant find the home button and i dont think there is a favorites there a favorites list or home button on google chrome?

Administrator answers:

Click the spanner top right > Options > check “Show Home button” and “Always show the bookmarks bar”

Nancy asks…

Google chrome !!!!!!!!!!!?

hey guys can u tell me how is the performance of Google chrome by comparing to Mozilla Firefox… Because am using Mozilla Firefox as internet browser because it maximum helps us to prevent for spywares & virus’s etc… And plz suggest me shall i download & starting Google chrome or shall i continue with Mozilla Firefox only.. Mainly i want to know will Google chrome helps us from preventing virus etc like Mozilla Firefox.. plz suggest me which will be good by comparing Mozilla & Google chrome mainly am stressing on virus’s & spywares topic.. tell me which one will be good plz………..

Administrator answers:

I started using google chrome because i had a virus & my internet explorer shut out constantly. Google chrome never shuts out & if anything happens: laptop dies, shuts off without notice, etc; google chrome recovers all websites, tabs & windows you had open. Saves passwords if desired.

I dont know anything about firefox but i just love google chrome & now its all i use.

Betty asks…

How come my google chrome will not allow me to access a particular website?

I decided to use Google Chrome intead of IE9, but Chrome will not allow me to access one of my business websites I need. Any suggestions why it will not go to that website?

Administrator answers:

Its a difference of how Google Chrome and IE are designed and view websites. IE doesn’t follow accepted protocol sometimes. Http://

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