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Your Questions About Google Earth

January 26, 2013

William asks…

How to find the exact location of a house in Google Earth?

I searched up my house in google earth an just put the address (not including the postal code). I found out it was 1 house off. I searched only my postal code, and it was 17 houses off! I know for sure what my postal code is. Is there a way you can find the EXACT location of a house in google earth? I have the newest 2010 version.

Administrator answers:

Addresses rarely match on Google Earth, but you can go to the exactly location of your house and find the longitude and latitude.

Donna asks…

Where can I get current satellite images like google earth?

Google earth shows imagery date as April 6, 2004. Where can I get current satellite images of my place in NW Arkansas? Is there anything like google earth with newer images? I read people use google earth to look for crashed air planes, but how would that work if the images are so old? Yes, i do live out in the country.

Administrator answers:

Nasa_World_Wind is better than google chrome when it comes to image quality

get it free from here

Linda asks…

How can i copy google earth on to my usb drive?

I downloaded google earth and i want to move it to the usb drive. So i can open it from the usb drive and not save it on my computer.

Administrator answers:

You can’t install Google Earth on usb drive.

Sharon asks…

What is the Latitude and Longitude of the most interesting place shown on Google Earth?

Google Earth is a great way to explore geography. Have you found some feature of our Earth that you can see using Google Earth that is interesting because of geology or geographic feature? Please copy and paste the latitude and longitude from Google Earth into your answer. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Just look at the cool stuff on one of these sites:

Google Earth Hacks

The Keyhole BBS

The Google Earth Gallery

Donald asks…

How do you stop Google Earth turning into night mode?

When I go to Google Earth it keeps going to night mode. How do you stop that?

Administrator answers:

Just click on the sun part or u click on the same thing u did to put it on night mode.

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