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Your Questions About Google Earth

February 6, 2013

Lizzie asks…

GOOGLE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I downloaded google eath and after saying it was successfully downloaded, it was nowhere on my computer

Administrator answers:

Hate to say it but that might mean that it could be a virus in the worst case. I don’t know how you downloaded google earth completely because you have to pay for the full version. I would scan the computer with and Anit-virus (I prefer Kasperkey Anit-Virus because it is the best one ever made and that’s a fact). Then try to download it again. If that doesn’t work, I would contact your computer company and ask them about whats happening. Hope I helped.

Charles asks…

How do I update google earth satellite pictures?

Ok. I am on my itouch 4g 64GB.Then u am on google earth. Then I have the satilite of my house in 2009 and it is 2011 how do I update it?

Administrator answers:

You can’t the Google Earth pics are maintained by certain governmental agencies and are scoured when taken to blur out peoples faces or other unwanted images, flying airplanes, ufos . Then they are uploaded so that google can access them..New pictures have probably been taken but it takes a while for them to be posted due to this “cleaning process” this is why you never see a plane in flight in flight on google earth. And why it takes a long time to update the pictures used for google earth.

John asks…

How do you install google earth onto ps3?

I tried to download google earth on ps3 and it said to insert storage media. I inserted my jumpdrive and it installed. now what?

Administrator answers:

Ok you cant put Google earth on your ps3 unless u have Linux.
And now that you download it on your jump-drive. Plug it in to your computer and there u can install it to your computer only to your computer.

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