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Your Questions About Google Earth

February 21, 2013

Jenny asks…

Is your Google Earth covered with pixels or lines in areas with nothing to hide?

My google earth is covered with these lines or pixels, what is this? These are supposed to be satellite images, so why the lines? They are in areas where there is nothing to hide, so whats up? Is yours the same as mine?

Administrator answers:

The hi res images are taken from aircraft, not satellites, then the images are stitched together. This makes for some errors, and Google Earth, while mostly very good, is not accurate enough for real research.

The lines you can see are areas where images have been stitched together.

Laura asks…

Is there any flight simulator that does have Google Earth map as terrain?

Is any flight simulator out there that has Google Earth maps as terrain (streaming) or allows it through mods or plug-ins?

PS: Yes, i know that GE does have a “flight simulator” but i mean more serious ones like MS FS or x-plane.

Administrator answers:

As Google Earth has its own flight simulator, it will not supply its maps to an existing flight simulator franchise such as Microsoft, at least its very doubtful. There are certain companies using the flight simulator add-on within Google earth to provide a flight simulator feel, such as

Daniel asks…

Where can i find a program which is like google earth but with the planets in our solar system?

Hey everyone,

I would just like to know if there are any programs simular to google earth, but with the planets in our solar system.

Thank you.

Administrator answers:

A good basic one is Stellarium, its free and very very good. Amateur astronomers all over the world use it, and I suspect professionals probably do as well. Have never used Google Earth, so not sure what you are looking for, but its basically a 3d map of our view of the sky from Earth, in real time, where you can zoom in and locate nebulae, the local planets and all the other stars on the pc, either to help locate them with a telescope, or just to learn about their movements in the sky. You can zoom in to get a look at the planets and their moons, not sure what level of details you are looking for, but its pretty good.
If you want something more professional that shows a lot more detail, try Starry Night which you have to buy and isnt that cheap.

Lizzie asks…

How to set up the Wii balance board to surf google earth?

I am having difficulty figuring out how to set up my Wii balance board to surf google earth on my computer. If someone can help that would be great.

Administrator answers:

Unless I’ve totally misunderstood your question… You’re wanting to navigate around Google Earth, on a PC, using a Wii Balance Board?

I’ve no idea how you’d configure the software but I’m pretty sure your starting point would be:

1. A Bluetooth Dongle for your PC
2. A copy of Glovepie

I’d love to see this working, you might have just given me a project for the weekend :)

Mandy asks…

What software or websites are good for aerial photos apart from Google Earth?

I want to use searchable aerial photographs like that which you find on Google Earth to check the types of areas which houses for sale are in to help my property search. However, the houses I am looking at are in rural areas and are not covered by Google Earth and the two websites I found are not searchable in the same way. Anyone know any other sites or software I could try? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Nothing better than Google earth!!!!!!!!!!!1

Donald asks…

How do I share youtube videos in google earth?

In google earth layers there is a youtube community that displays youtube videos all over google earth. I want to know how to do that so I can display my youtube videos on google earth so everyone can see them. dos it cost any mony or is it free. please help.

Administrator answers:

If it is possible to share Youtube’s video with the Google Earth, only it continues the following steps:

1. You go to your account in youtube
2. Then you go in option in “Edit my channel”, “My account”, “Videos” and then in “Playlists”.
3. There in the video that you want to add to “Google Earth” put “Edit video” and there give him to “To choose options” in options of maps and dates.

I hope that it serves you, bye-bye! =).

Sandy asks…

How do you get a Wikipedia article to fully open when you click on it in Google Earth?

Many times when I click on a Wikipedia icon on Google Earth, it only opens into a condensed version (only one or two square inches viewing area) that is hard to read. What’s the best way to get it to fully open without a lot of difficulty? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Administrator answers:

The first time you click on an article icon in Google Earth, it will pull up the first few paragraphs of an article in a tooltip-type balloon. If you click on “Full Article”, it will open the article in a subwindow in the bottom of Google Earth.

To get the article in a standalone browser window, you can click one of the icons at the top of the subwindow that says to open it in a new window. Or, you can go into Google Earth’s Tools->Settings menu, click on Preferences, then check the “Show web results in external browser” checkbox. From now on, every time you click on a Wikipedia icon or some other external link, it will always open in an external browser window.

This applies to Google Earth 5.0, so I don’t know if older versions have this setting in the same place.

Carol asks…

How do I get a building off Google earth onto google Sketch up?

I an doing a project where I would like to get a building out of google earth and into google sketch up and build more onto it.

Administrator answers:

Download it off the Google Sketchup Warehouse…All the Google Earth buildings are avialable there and more

Mark asks…

How do you make Google earth remember your location?

I’m doing this sort of “virtual road trip” game on Google Earth where I pick a random spot on the planet, zoom down to street level, and navigate the streets to try to get to a certain city I choose beforehand. Anyway, does anybody know any way to make the program remember where you last were before you close the program, instead of defaulting to the view of the U.S. on every re-open?

Administrator answers:

Above the map there is icons , one if them is yellow icon and a “+” , usually the second icon.
Click on it the yellow icon will appear on the map ,and a window will open , move the icon to the point you want to save. And change the name in the windown to whatever you want and click on “ok”.
Next time you open Google Earth , you’ll find the the yellow icon + the name you chose on the left side of the program under Places , double click on it and you are there.
I hope i helped :)

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