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Your Questions About Google Earth

March 21, 2013

Carol asks…

Could people ever look at an extrasolar planet’s surface like the program Google earth does?

I know Google earth is a collection of satellite photos, but what I’m really asking is; Is it possible to create such a powerful direct imaging telescope? Could a great enough resolution be attained, viewing from our solar system, to see the surface clearly, clear enough, to see alien forests and whatnot. I know it wouldn’t happen any time soon, but is it theoretically possible?

Administrator answers:

In theory it is possible to obtain any degree of magnification, but it won’t work in practical application because we can not built on this precision level, plus it would have to be like the Hubble space telescope because on that degree the particles in the atmosphere would distort the image. We can create detailed images by sending satellites to other planets, this is what we currently do. Next time you are on Google earth try out it’s moon and Mars models. It has the surfaces of these planets in 3-D with nice pictures, just like the earth. You can even “visit” the landing sites on these planets from our missions and see what the surface looks like from any point on the planet.

Sharon asks…

How do I make something public and findable on google earth?

I’m trying to make a house that we rent to tourists in slovenia findable on google earth. Would be great if we could say “type in blah blah blah and you’ll go straight to it”. How do I do that? Do I need to upload a photo? Do I need to do anythign else? Anyone?
PS, go to slovenia. It’s amazing. Really.

Administrator answers:

You cannot do it as Google Earth is not yours. It is transmitted to you when you log into it. It is not live either. The current one dates back to early 2007.

Mark asks…

When did they launch the Google Earth satellites?

When were the satellites for google earth launched into space, and who were some of the people who designed them? Source Please.

Administrator answers:

Google isn’t that big, but yes many think that. They have no own satellites at all. The satellite Landsat 7 is launched on April 15 of 1999. All pictures it has taken (500 a day) are now used in many programs, some even much better than google Earth ! Really, also the free program Nasa World Wind is much better made to explore all these original stunning pictures of the LandSat 7.

James asks…

What is the difference between the apps Google Maps and Google Earth on the ipod touch?

I downloaded the google earth app for my ipod touch and it is the same thing basically as maps, but actually i think that maps is better because it gives u all the street names and stuff and u can switch from satellite to hybrid to maps easily and i dont see the point of the google earth app if there is the maps app that is the same, if not better

Administrator answers:

‘Google Maps’ gives you street names like you said and I think can give you directions. ‘Google Earth’ can give you terrain info and sea levels I believe. (I don’t have an iPod touch so this is based on what I know and the computer version which is usually is close to the same)

Hope this helps! :D

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