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Your Questions About Google Earth

April 25, 2013

Charles asks…

How can I get to google earth latest images?

I am using Google earth free version and I only found an image which is very old (not Updated) who can help me how to find the latest image to download.

Administrator answers:

Call google :
the number is

Chris asks…

What type of star lingo does google earth use?

I keep hearing about stars and distant solar systems like Carot-7b and hd 10180 and gliese 581, but when I go to google earth “sky” and search those names, I always get the same message “we could not understand your search”.

I’m sure that the stars are documented in google earth sky, but I think they’re calling them by a different name.

Any idea what they might be called there? Is there a certain jargon that they use in google earth to refer to stars?

Administrator answers:

There are many different specialized star catalogs in use, and any particular star may have different names in different catalogs. Google Earth is not a serious research tool and only names a small number of objects. Better planetarium software programs like Starry Night include many more stars and non-stellar objects and have catalog entries for many of them. The Simbad web site cross references most of the standard star catalogs, and is the tool used for most research into star names.

Robert asks…

Will the google earth web plugin work on a windows 2000 computer?

I have an old windows 2000 computer that I have no idea what to do with, it still works and somewhat good too for its age so I don’t want to just get rid of it. I’m on google earth all the time but I figured if it would work I would install the google earth web plugin on the windows 2000 computer and it could still be used for something. Would the web plugin work on this computer or is it way to outdated for even that?

Administrator answers:

Google Earth is web based so it will work. However, that PC will run terribly slow and you may end up not finding the program useful at all. I say don’t do it.

James asks…

How the hell do you find your house on google earth?

I’m trying to find my house and no one will help me. I would really like to see what my house looks like from the satellite pics but i can’t figure out how to do it without downloading google earth. There is a way but no one I know at school or at home knows how. Please someone help me. And don’t tell me to download it please b/c i know there is a way to do it without downloading it.

Administrator answers:

Google earth is a download application. That’s why people are telling you to download it. You download it and type in your address.

Google MAPS is similar, but different.

open it in the web browser and type in your address. Click “Satellite” on the right to see the actual photo instead of the graphics.

Jenny asks…

How can I move my sketchup image around in Google Earth?

I imported my image to Google Earth for an architectural design modeling course, and it imported to somewhere in Colorado rather than in Philadelphia, as intended. How can I get it to move to Philadelphia?

Administrator answers:

Toggle terrain on before exporting to google earth?

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