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Your Questions About Google Earth

May 9, 2013

Laura asks…

When does google earth update the picture of the earth?

When does google earth update its picture?
How do i find out when they’re going to update it?

Administrator answers:


John asks…

How do you get to street view on google earth?

please tell me. I downloaded google earth and a friend at school told me to go into streetview but how do I do it?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know how on Google Earth but this is how you do it on Google Maps:

Regards, Zyfert

Joseph asks…

How can i publish a small buiding to Google Earth From Google Sketch Up?

i have a small buiding i did on my house…how could i publish it so i can see it on 3D on every google earth>?
i didnt do it on my house i did it on my town haha sorry for that typo.

Administrator answers:

You’re gonna need a Google account.

Open your model in Google Sketchup. Make sure that it is on a Google Earth snapshot.

To do this, if you haven’t already, find your town on Google Earth, and go to your model in SketchUp, and click on the Google Earth icon with the yellow arrow (Get Current View). When the snapshot appears, move your model onto it.

Then click on the box with the arrow going inside it (Share Model). Then fill out the form, and make sure to check the “Google Earth Ready” box, which will submit your model to Google for review.

Wait about three months, and by then, your model will either be accepted or rejected. If it’s rejected, a reason for the rejection will be displayed. If this happens, try, try, again.

Keep SketchUpping! Google rocks! ;-)

Richard asks…

How do I do Google Earth so I can see the actual buildings at street level?

I can do Google Earth but I saw someone at street level actually looking at buildings and homes then doing a 360 degree turn.

Administrator answers:

Go to then write the address, street, etc. You want to look.

Betty asks…

How old is the pictures on google earth?

how old is the pictures/street view on google earth? and how often do they updated?
what about street view? they look pretty current.

Administrator answers:

Google Earth imagery is on average 3 years old, but some areas are older, some newer.

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