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Your Questions About Google Earth

May 31, 2013

Susan asks…

Is there any kind of restrictions on me using a Google earth image in a professional report?

Is there any kind of restrictions on me using a Google Earth image in a professional report? I am creating a real-estate appraisal report and would like to use an image of the subject house neighborhood layout.

Administrator answers:

I think your fine as long as the Google earth copyright is in the image.

Ruth asks…

Is it possible to feel homesick whilst on Google Earth?

I’ve spent a lazy Sunday cruising around Leeds, UK on Google Earth and suddenly a feeling of homesickness pervaded me. I don’t know if its just something I ate or this melancholy weather but I feel really homesick. And the craziest part is i’m at home…

What’s happening to me?

Administrator answers:

Im not sure maybe you didn’t like the look of Leeds but Google Earth freaks me out! I find it scary, saddo I know but true!

Ken asks…

How do I use Google Earths flight simulator?

I just downloads Google Earth 5.0 and I’m trying to use the flight simulator, I can get onto it when I click start flight simulator but when i press the up arrow, my plane wont move, it just sits there, anyone any idea why this is?! I’m on a vista laptop btw!

Administrator answers:

This keeps coming up, look at the answers here, um, ignore your question. Http://;_ylt=AvrJHK6cLMYK_TupN0m0c0lt.Bd.;_ylv=3?p=How+do+I+use+Google+Earths+flight+simulator

Lisa asks…

How to upload my home to google earth?

i have designed my home by google sketchup 3d now tell me step by step how can i upload it to google earth.
BTW i live in india.
thanks, i’ll be waiting Jim.

Administrator answers:

Please keep in mind I do not have Google Sketchup but I have done some research on it.

Open the model you’d like to upload
Select File > 3D Warehouse > Share Model
Then you will be asked to sign in to google if you are not already signed in
Fill in the ‘title’ field
Fill in the ‘description’ field
Fill in the ‘tags’ field
Fill in the ‘address’ field (optional)

Select the Google Earth Ready check box (optional) use this if
your model is Geo located.
Click on the Upload button to upload
Your model will be uploaded to Google Warehouse and will be
reviewed by someone at Google to make sure it is correct and
Google ready. Then it may take 5 hours or up a week for this review
process to take place.
I think then you have Google earth open to your location and in Sketchup open model and select > Place Model from menu and drag model to Google earth where you want it to be and position it correctly and it’s there. But that may just do it in your google earth
I was also reading that when you fill out the form when you uploaded model to warehouse that Google places it for you.

Lizzie asks…

How often does Google Earth refresh its satellite images?

Google Earth shows image from 2006 and has for 2 years. what’s up with that?

Administrator answers:

Every 3 years or so, says right on the site.

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