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Your Questions About Google Earth

June 13, 2013

Helen asks…

Why did the Google Earth Photos dissapear on my computer?

I have rescently noticed that there i cant seem to see photos that users of google earth have posted in certain areas. I used to be able to view the photos that others have posted but i cant find them any anymore. I would zoom in on a certain area and an animated picture frame would pop up and i would click it to see the picture. If you know how to fix the problem and allow me to view these photos again please reply.

Administrator answers:

When you open google earth on the left side bar there should be a task manager thing,
from there go to

this is under the ‘Layers’ section
Primary Database>Geographic Web>Then check ‘Panoramio’

Jenny asks…

is there a program similar to google earth that does not require an internet connection?

I was trying to use google earth on the road, and I found out that it requires an internet connection to properly function. I was wondering if there was a way to store the maps locally instead of over the internet?

Administrator answers:

Not to the same level of detail. Google earth access information from a database of probably more than a petabyte of information.

Sharon asks…

How can I go back to using a previous version of Google Earth?

I updated the latest version of Google Earth but my graphics card doesn’t like it and it runs real slow. The previous version worked fine. How can I get the previous version back?

Administrator answers:

There might be feeds or download sites for the certain version ur looking fior

Mark asks…

How to add a photo in google earth. I have downloaded and marked the place, but showing only on my computer. ?

How to add a photo in google earth. I have downloaded and marked the place, but showing only on my computer. Kindly advise

Administrator answers:

You need to open google account first for it.

Mandy asks…

any other aircrafts in flight simulator x in google earth?

there is only two of them in google earth fsx so do you have to download them?

Administrator answers:

What do you want to do Download them and put it in your FSX Folder and you want more Aircraft.

If you explaine it properly i can help you abit more. I can give you a Site for free aircraft, Panels, Gauges and more.

Please write it again so i can help you.


Mary asks…

How can I use Google Earth to mark hotel stops on long trips, and find the distance for each day’s segment?

I am going on a trip from Texas to Vermont, and am trying to use Google Earth to select my route. What I would like to do is have one set of directions, but mark the places I will stop over for the night, and have mileage between each stop over, dividing the trip into three segments. Is there a way to do this, or do I just have to create three different routes, one for each day?

Administrator answers:

First, go to Google Maps ( Click “Get directions” and go from your address in Texas to your first stop. Then go to the bottom of the directions and click “Add destination…” and add your next stop. Then do this one more time, putting your final Vermont destination at the end. This will give you a trip from Texas to Vermont divided into three stops.

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