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Your Questions About Google Earth

June 18, 2013

Sharon asks…

How to find a houses address in google earth of the house seen ?

Alrite !! here it goes i found a house of my cousin on google earth .. i remember the address on google earth but not the real address . i don no the real or POSTAL address . I wanna no how can u get the phone number or postal adress of a specific house u see on google earth?? any help will be appreciated ..!! and please tell me how to its very very very very important !!

Administrator answers:

If u know the house in google earth.
Go to the same location in google maps. And keep zooming in to see the house numbers(I mean the nearest number will show up on the side of the road im the map). From there you can guess the street and area

Lizzie asks…

How doe you get on Google earth without downloading it?

I want to get on Google earth but i don’t know how.

Administrator answers:

Downloading it would get u on it. And that is really the only way.

George asks…

How many places can I pin on Google Earth?

I have Google Earth, and I have been happily pinning places I’ve been to and read about. I have about 170 pins, and now Google is not accepting any more pins. Is there a limit? And how do I get rid of the limit?

Administrator answers:

If you delete one and then try to put it back then im guessing its not just a bug and there is no way to get rid of the limit .. You just have too many

delete some that are not as important or ones that you know where they are cause then those are pointless

Ruth asks…

What is a website I can use that is like google earth?

Hi. I need a website I can use where I can type in an address (such as my own) like Google Earth. The only problem is I can’t use google earth. Does anyone know of a website I can use other than google earth?

Administrator answers:

Yahoo Maps, Bing Maps i think, and most of all Google maps

Robert asks…

How to record a clip using movie maker in google earth?

In google earth pro when i recorded using movie maker option the video what i want is not getting recorded even after placing a mark.Please anyone tell me in detail hot to record or capture a video from google earth pro without using any videocam or webcam.

Administrator answers:

Try using Fraps

John asks…

How do I find out when google earth is taking a picture of my area?

I wanted to know how to find out when the satellite image is being taken take of an area in google earth? The last image was taken in 2006, is there a way to find out when the next one will be taken?

Administrator answers:

Put a giant digital clock (that displays the date) in your garden and point it towards the sky.

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