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Your Questions About Google Earth

July 11, 2013

Lisa asks…

What is the enormous orange thing right in the middle of greenland on google earth?

go to google earth, go to greenland, and zoom in, you will see it right in the middle

Administrator answers:

Its either missing data or overlapping data.

Mandy asks…

How old are the satellite images of Google Earth?

Does anyone use Google Earth? I just downloaded and am wondering how old the pictures are. I saw my old high school and definitely know the pictures of my school are 3.5 years at their oldest (from the renovation of and addition of huge buildings), but I looked at pictures of my house and I can definitely tell its older than 3.5 years. So how old are the newest pictures and is it possible to see live streaming satellite photos?

Administrator answers:

Maybe five or more years

Helen asks…

How do i get clear close ups on google earth?

My friend was on google earth zooming in on different houses in our neighborhood, but when I try it it looks blurry. He had little camera icons on his screen. We could clearly see people in his yard. How do I do that?

Administrator answers:

Turn on the Street View option at the left side, then double click the cameras to go down to street level.

Aside from Street View, you can only zoom in with as much quality as the original satellite photo has.

Jenny asks…

How to make meridians and parallels visible on Google Earth?

I checked the options but couldn’t manage to find any about this?
Does google Earth still has this option or was it only in older versions?

Thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

Use View/Grid

Maria asks…

How does Google Earth differ from the older version?

My friend here in Spain has an older free version of Google Earth.His show the street names but the free version that I down loaded does not show the street names.Does the 2007 free version show the Street names?Am I doing something wrong?

Administrator answers:

To get the street names on google earth free you have to go to the toolbar on the left hand side and in the layers section select Roads with the shield sign near it. If the side bar isnt present press crtl alt b
Please note i am using version 4.0.2742
but i think the older versions do the same

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