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Your Questions About Google Earth

July 15, 2013

Maria asks…

Does anybody know how to get my joystick to work with google earth flight simulator?

I have the force feedback 2 and my computer recognizes it but google earth flight simulator doesnt. Does anybody know how i might get it to work?

Administrator answers:

Charles asks…

How do you list a business in Google Earth?

I own a small business and would like to list it in Google Earth and get it to pop up as an icon. Does any one know how to do this?

Administrator answers:

Use Google Places.

Ruth asks…

Does Google Earth save your placemarks in a folder?

Where is the root folder for where my Placemarks go when I save them on Google Earth if any.
Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Yes ofcourse it has to save it on ur disc
but im no expert on it
your best bet on it wud be to google it
i tried doing it but it required me to register on the google earth community….
But i dont use it much so why register :|
PS: Hope it helps…

Chris asks…

Do you need to re download google earth to get any updated imagery?

I have google earth on my computer and was wondering if I needed to redownload google earth to have the imagery updated? I know that they only update it every one or two years in my area, but I was curious to know if I needed to redownload after they update for the update to show up.

Administrator answers:

You don’t need to update it to get updated imagery. When you run it, it connects to the server and pulls the latest data.

Note however that in some cases, the default imagery shown for given location is not the most up to date. You can use the time slider to go back in time, but sometimes it also allows you to see even newer images that are not shown by default.

Occasionally you will need to re-download Google Earth, but that’s when the previous versions are so old that they are no longer supported and you are forced into upgrading.

Thomas asks…

What are the bright red fields in Ireland on Google earth?

So i was flying around the world on Google earth and decided to pay a visit to the emerald isle. I noticed huge bright red fields around the western Kildare area, there’s loads and i cant make out what they are, its really sparked my curiosity. My mum, who’s Irish, told me she thinks its them burning the fields but they look way to big for that and there’s so many.
Thanks in advance for the answer!

Administrator answers:

That’s bogland. You’ll find lots of it in Counties Offaly and roscommon too. People harvest turf there to burn in the fire for heat.

Michael asks…

What are some of the coolest things you have seen on google earth? Can you give me the longitude and latitude?

I have heard of a lot of cool things on google earth but I can’t find any of them without the longitude and latitude. Please don’t give me your house address or something.

Administrator answers:

A website devoted to weird things

Sharon asks…

How good is the quality of images taken by spy satellites compared to Google Earth ?

I think all of you must have seen how relatively clear images provided by Google Earth are.
Now, I am fully aware that such info linked with technology like this is highly classified, so my question is just about guessing and thoughts.
It is widely known on the internet that one of the spy satellites used by the US military is the KH-11, with the capability to detect objects of 6 inches.

Now, compared to images seen on google earth, is this a better quality ?
Like can these satellites be used to spy on a small gunfight like the one that they killed Bin Laden in ?

Just tell me what you know about the capabilities of these modern spy satellites.

Administrator answers:

You know that virtually all of Google Earth are photos taken from air-breather platforms, not satellites at all. The Google shot of your house, where you can see your car in the driveway in full color is NOT from a satellite.

Google contracts out with a number of geo-spatial mapping companies to take their photos – all from aircraft for the most part. Only the extreme zoom-out photos are from commercial mapping satellites.

And you should also know that the only way you are going to get live-feed action video / still shots is with a air-breather platform orbiting the action. We don’t have the capability you see in the movies.

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