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Your Questions About Google Earth

July 20, 2013

Chris asks…

How do I report a bug with Google Earth?

After installing the latest update of Google Earth, I’m finding that when I’m moving around in street view, it keeps exiting me back to the map mode. This happens after I click on one of the camera icons in front of me to move the image forward. It is most annoying. There doesn’t seem to be any way to give feedback for Google Earth.

Administrator answers:

Right here……


Lisa asks…

How do I make 3d buildings on google earth on my iPad?

I have downloaded google earth on my ipad and it isn’t doing 3d buildings. Even if I tick the box 3d buildings. I’ve tried deleting the app and downloading it again and I’ve even got the updated version of it and it still doesn’t work? Help what can I do?

Administrator answers:

I don’t have one myself but my mother got one and needed instructions.

It’s worth a try to have a look…..


Thomas asks…

How to update the buildings, streets, locations in GOOGLE EARTH?

If you have installed GOOGLE EARTH (recent version) you can see many of the streets, locations, buildings are not updated. That is we can see plain lands though there is a big streets, and 1000s of houses. I am trying to update that locations and unable to get the result. Anybody know how to update immediately? Because it is showing the location image more than 5 to 8 years.

If you provide the Navigation method it will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance.

Administrator answers:

You can use instead
If there you can’t see the latest buildings and streets, you can help updating them using
Maps from Google Earth are automatically updated by …Google, you can’t update them.

William asks…

Is there a way to plan a course using the river systems on Google Earth?

I am trying to plan a trip from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada to Trout Lake, Ontario, Canda, though am limited in understanding Google Earths capabilities, so wonder if anyone else has used google earth in a different way to plan a trip using something else other then roads, town to town.

Administrator answers:

On the top toolbar of Google Earth you will find place marks and the path feature. You can set and name way-points with the place mark feature and connect them with the path feature. There is also a way to save this layout.

George asks…

How do you zoom in or zoom out in Google Earth without the cursor being displayed?

I want to zoom in and zoom out using Google Earth without the little round cursor being displayed on the screen. It looks like a double circle with cross-hairs on the outside. It appears in the center of the screen or the location of your mouse cursor.
Is it possible to zoom without displaying this cursor?

Administrator answers:

The best way is hit above f11 gives you full screen when your down hit f11 again
to go back .
Another way to zoom hold ctrl and wheel mouse as high as you want are as low
as you want your screen is the best way any help?

Michael asks…

What’s the best way to download google earth?

There seem to be several ways to download google earth but is there one main one that is trustworthy for my computer? Also, do you have to download a separate download for streetview?

Administrator answers:

From their website.


It’s made by google. It’s trustworthy enough. I have it. I wouldn’t download it from another site though.

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