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Your Questions About Google Earth

July 25, 2013

Sandra asks…

How to accurately scale an image from Google earth ones it has been pasted in AutoCad?

I copied an image of google earth, cropped it and pasted it into Autocad, I now need to scale it into it’s accurate size so I can import into another software for designing. I’m not that skilled with using AutoCad.

Please advise

Administrator answers:

First you draw a line over a refference: this could be, depending on the scale of the photo, a scale graph printed by google in your image or a measure that you know the dimension in reality (ex a one way street usually is 7m wide). Try to find the bigest refference you can find for more accurate scaling.
Then you measure the line you draw and note it down as Value B. The value A is the dimension in reality.
X=B / A
after that you enter “scale” in autocad and enter the value of X
if you understood i’m happy, if not visit my blog to take your mind away of work ;)

Mandy asks…

What computer hardware is needed to run Google Earth with all features on?

I want the weather, pictures, etc, basically everything turned on for Google Earth, but my computer can’t handle it.

What hardware updates do I need? A faster processor? More RAM?

Administrator answers:


* Operating System: Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista
* CPU: Pentium 3, 500Mhz
* System Memory (RAM): 256MB
* Hard Disk: 400MB free space
* Network Speed: 128 Kbits/sec
* Graphics Card: 3D-capable with 16MB of VRAM
* Screen: 1024×768, “16-bit High Color” – DirectX 9 (to run in Direct X mode)


* Operating System: Windows XP or Windows Vista
* CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz+ or AMD 2400xp+
* System Memory (RAM): 512MB
* Hard Disk: 2GB free space
* Network Speed: 768 Kbits/sec
* Graphics Card: 3D-capable with 32MB of VRAM
* Screen: 1280×1024, “32-bit True Color”

Betty asks…

Is there any way to tell when Google Earth updates their satellite imagery?

I noticed that there are different pictures on Google Earth now than there were a few months ago. I looked at some places where I’ve lived, and I see a different car in the driveway and one apartment building I lived at was so new that it wasn’t even built yet when one Google Earth picture was taken, but I checked it today and it’s there now. When do they update the pictures? Is there any way to tell? Does the software download updates automatically or does it prompt you when it does? Any useful info on Google Earth would be appreciated, I find it so fascinating and could literally spend all day on there.

Administrator answers:

There is no way to tell when Google Earth will be updated. In the FAQ for Google Earth it states: “Our images are photographs taken by satellites and aircraft sometime in the last three years. The images in Google Earth are updated on a rolling basis.”

As for how to tell, there is no way to tell. The software doesn’t save the pictures on your computer – or else it would take up more than your whole hard drive – but accesses them from the Google server. Because of this they can’t really prompt you. The best way is to check out of curiosity every so often =)

Hope that helps.

Donald asks…

How can you find out when an area on Google Earth was last updated?

How often do they update areas on Google Earth, and how can you find out?

Administrator answers:

That information is classified

Thomas asks…

Is there a quick way to identify the area of a polygon in Google Earth?

I added many patches of polygon shapes in a city in Google Earth. I need to know its total area of all the polygon shapes. It would be so tedious for me to measure the the total area by using the ruler command even with Google Earth Pro where it has polygon ruler measurement. I was wondering if it is possible to somehow extract the measurement areas from the already existing polygons which I have already made.

Thanks the answers.

Administrator answers:

Look at something in a polygon and estimate its length, such as a car or house depending on its size

Jenny asks…

How many of you think Google earth helps terrorists and make their way very easy?

How many of you think Google earth helps terrorists and make their way very easy and it should be banned?
I am also feeling same for GPS navigation system too.
I think none of you understand it actually creating more problems ever then before.shame though.

Administrator answers:

I was thinking about this very thing. I’m with you. Now, they have the street view. How convenient. Who is taking those street-view photos? And why? Very bad.

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