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Your Questions About Google Earth

July 29, 2013

Sandy asks…

What do you think of the new google earth idea?

Where it shows you your house up close. I know that it must have been about 2009 when internet people went round the world with a camera taking pictures of every house. It even shows you my cousin hanging out the washing at my uncles house on google earth. My uncle knew nothing about it. What do you think about this new idea?

Administrator answers:

They have been doing that for ages even on Google Maps some think it is an invasion of privacy and others think that it is amazing. Personally I think it is a good idea but I do think Google should have asked the homeowners/landowners for permission to have there house on there.

Richard asks…

How do I add a PDF or a photo to a place mark description in GOOGLE EARTH?

How do I add a photo or PDF file to a google earth place mark so that it comes up in the description when you click on the placemark point on the map in Google Earth.

Administrator answers:

You can’t actually force Google to show a pdf or photo for a particular place mark. What you can do, however, is make sure that your PDF and/or photo are properly geo-tagged, tagged or linked to (the link should mention the place mark in some way). Then, just give Google enough time to troll your site and if the files/photos have enough views/links to them from other locations Google will rate them higher and potentially show your images when someone clicks on that place mark.

Example: In Google Earth do a search for Norton, Ohio. Once everything loads up, click on the red place name. In the pop-up window you’ll see several photos. The one of the lightning is mine (so are a couple of others but that one ALWAYS shows up). The only place where I have uploaded and geo-tagged this photo is in Panoramio.

Charles asks…

Is it possible to view google earth below ground level?

Ok so if i could add a model in Google earth (through google sketch or a like) would it be possible to see what is under the ground ?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately no, you cannot look under google earth terrain. But it is possible to go though a building, like going inside.

George asks…

is it possible to view a flying plane while using Google earth?

If i view Google earth, is it possible I might find a plying air plane in satellite imagery through Google earth?
If i view Google earth, is it possible I might find a flying air plane in satellite imagery through Google earth?

Administrator answers:

Yes it think. U can find some ufos so..u can find airplanes.

Joseph asks…

How do you capture image on Google earth with spatial refference?

I need to add google earth satellite image to ARCGIS 9.2. I tried to capture the area, but when i open it in ARCGIS, it has no coordinates what so ever…

Administrator answers:

Try turning on the Grid by pressing Ctrl+G. If that’s not what you’re looking for, try pressing your keyboard’s “Print Screen” or “PrntScrn” button, then go to your favorite image editing software, and press Ctrl+C. Then get rid of the extra features you don’t want, and the coordinates should stay on.

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