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Your Questions About Google Earth

August 2, 2013

Donna asks…

How do I get the Google Earth navigation controls to show?

Hello folks! I am working on building an instance of Google Earth in a website, but I cannot get the navigation controls to show up… This is hard to explain, and though I fear negative repercussions, I am going to link to the example (please note that you must have Google Earth or the plug-in to view what I am referring to):

Are there any developers out there that are smarter than me that can explain how to get the navigation controls to show in this instance of Google Earth? Can you provide example code?

Thanks so much!

Administrator answers:

You can install DVD Navigation with map

David asks…

How I can get latest photos (visions) of my district from google earth?

Dear friends,
i want to see my district photos from google earth.But it shows 2008 photos.Do you know any other programs like google earth?

Administrator answers:

There aren’t any better right now.

Nancy asks…

How often does google earth take a pic of the land?

When does google earth take a pick of the land? What’s the next date, time of…. CT, USA? (I want to put something big n’ stupid on my lawn!)

Administrator answers:

It really depends on how often Google receives images to put in Google Earth. However, almost everyday some content is placed. They do update everything in about 2 years or less.

William asks…

How to add places in Google earth?

I know how to add place marks, but how to post them so that all other user can see it in their google earth?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think that’s possible in Google Earth.

Helen asks…

I use Widows 7 and have a problem with Google Earth?

Two days ago Google Earth disappeared from my laptop. Now when I try to download it from the Internet I am unable to do so with a working version. When I do the downloading, it just does not open anything. I get the installer but after connecting to the Internet, nothing. Any suggestions welcome.

Administrator answers:

What Internet Browser do you use? Download Google Chrome and download Google Earth from there. Also if you use Internet Explorer to download Google Earth and save the setup to your Desktop. Then right click on it and press “run as administrator”.

Mandy asks…

How do you put pictures on google earth?

Do you do it through google earth and then just browse to your picture folder on your pc? or do you sign up for panoramio and save your photos on there and then browse through google earth for the website? I`m confused!! also can you copyright your own photos so that people cant use them without your permission?? Any help would be great thanks in advance for your answers.

Administrator answers:


Michael asks…

Please help I need to uninstall the new Google earth?

I want my old google earth back. The new one is not working properly. When I try to use it my computer freezes and it will not load all the way. I am old [ 58 ] so please keystroke by keystroke.
Flash if I do that will I get my old one back ?

Administrator answers:

Make sure you are the adminstrator.
1. Go to Control Panel.
2. Click Add Or Remove programs.( Switch to classic if it isnt already)
3. Let it populate the list.
4. When it is done, find Google Earth.
5. Click Change/Remove or if there is, only Remove.
6. Follow the Uninstall Wizard and that is it!

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