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Your Questions About Google Earth

August 8, 2013

James asks…

How do you find the elevation in Google Earth?

I have to do an extra credit assignment, and find the lat/long and elevation (and set a specific eye altitude) of the Hoover Dam, my local Airport, Cotopaxi, Ecuador, etc and I cant seem to find the elevation nor have it display on the google earth screen and I need it really badly. Please help me.

Administrator answers:

Tyep the string ” lat long” into google

Ruth asks…

How to zoom in where mouse is in Google Earth?

Is there an option in Google Earth to make the image zoom in where the mouse is on the Earth screen when I roll the mouse wheel? It only zooms in centered at the image, but if I am with the mouse to the left of the Earth screen, I want it to zoom in more to the left, istead of zooming in the middle. How do I do that?

Administrator answers:

Use use mouse scroll !

Thomas asks…

How do you get quality images from Google Earth?

I have seen clean, clear, crisp, detailed and beautifully textured images of cities and coutry sides obtained from Google Earth. Despite my best attempts on my own i can only come up with grainy, coarse, half blurred 4 years out of date images. Are the pictures i’m veiwing from other sites obtained through the pay subscription option of Google Earth? Any help would be appreciated.

Administrator answers:

Contact google here

Michael asks…

How do I get the dropped frames counter in google earth?

Once, i was in google earth waiting for the flight simulator to load. I accidentally hit the keyboard and a dropped frames counter replaced the image credits at the bottom of my screen. When I closed google earth and opened it again, the counter was gone. Does anyone know the keyboard shortcut for the dropped frames counter?

Administrator answers:

Check in the help menu
search for “keyboard shortcuts”
hope this helps

Mary asks…

How long does it take from the Streetview Car going past till the pictures are up on Google Earth?

The google earth streetview car has just gone past my office so i thought i’d give it a wave, does anybody have an idea how long it takes for the pictures to appear on google earth?

Administrator answers:

Not sure but its a very good idea it hasnt been round my area yet:(

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