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Your Questions About Google Earth

August 13, 2013

Lizzie asks…

Do you think that thing google earth did with audioslaves album revelations was cool?

Audioslaves logo is a flame. So for the cover of their album revelations they had it on earth. So go promotional purposes google earth put the logo on earth. That was so awesome!

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

How do I Copy a satelite image from google earth?

I need a nice satellite image to make a background for my presentation. I saw a nice image on google earth but could not copy it. It’s just for an academic presentation. I tried to copy and paste but it failed. Please I need help!

Administrator answers:

Just load the page with the image, then click ctrl + “Print Screen” at the same time. Now open up whatever image editor you have, select “new” from the file menu. Now just paste it in (or click ctrl + “V”)”. Now you can crop and save. Presto!!

Betty asks…

Aside from Google earth, where can I get real time satellite feeds of earth?

I’ve tried keyhole and various other sites but it seems that they are all linked to google earth. I need something that is updated more frequently. Does anyone know of a better site?

Administrator answers:

I believe that NASA has a similar program to Google Earth. Cant remember what its called though.

Mary asks…

What does the red line mean on Google Earth?

There is a red line on google earth that is similar to the yellow lines that reveal where the country’s border is, but it is red. What does it mean? If you want to see it, it is between Kosovo and Serbia.

Administrator answers:

It means that the area/border is disputed territory.

Charles asks…

Does Google Earth have higher definition pictures for those who pay?

Even though you can see the type of car on a NewYork street, there’s still a lot of the world that’s not very clear on Google Earth.

Would you get the whole world as pin sharp as, say, New York – if you paid a subscription, instead of having the free version.

Are there other websites or applications that give a clearer image for – for example – Africa?

Administrator answers:

There are other sites with pictures of a diffrent time period.
“nasa earthwind”
“microsoft locate me”
hope this helps

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