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Your Questions About Google Earth

August 15, 2013

Steven asks…

why does google earth pro show a blue screen when i zoom in?

I cant seem to get a picture when i zoom into a city or country with google earth pro? All i get is a blue screen, im not very technical so please simplify any questions with computer jargon. Thanks a milion.

Administrator answers:

I happen to get the same problem,So must be some sort of technical problem.

George asks…

How can I get the best resolution with Google Earth?

I downloaded the free version of Google Earth but resolution isn’t very good. Do I need to purchase something from Google to improve this?

Administrator answers:

Yes, with a paid version, you get better resolution, the free one gives you 1 million pixel, while the enhanced and professional version gives you 1.4 and 4.8 million pixels. But again, it depends on the original picture they get, some cities, may be because of sensitive information like military establishment there, they do not want to provide customer with too good a picture.

Mandy asks…

How do Google earth get rid of all the people in their photoes?

if you look on google earth, no matter where you look, time square, tokyo, there are no people. How do they do it

Administrator answers:

They do have people in them, as well as cars. They are very hard to see however because of the low resolution of the photos.

Mark asks…

I want to extract a large picture from google earth?

I know how to take a picture with the toolbar but it is too small. Is there a way I could save a huge picture in google earth?

Administrator answers:

Google Earth has features for saving or printing your current view in GE. The free GE can only save out up to 1000×1000 pixels (or up to your screen size), but GE Pro can save up to 4800×4800 pixels which is good enough for high quality large prints. I’ve been experimenting with this feature in GE 4 Pro, and the results are stunning. The quality of these 3D models with photo textures when zoomed in at full resolution is amazing.

The method GE Pro uses for creating these images is kind of cool. You select the menu choice “File->Print…” or “File->Save ->Save Image…” to initiate the process, then select what resolution you want. With the “Save” option you will get a requester letting you save the results to a JPG file. GE Pro basically uses the same method some photographers use to create “gigapixel” digital camera photos by taking a series of photos in a tile-like fashion of a scene and stitching them together using a panorama-style stitching algorithm. Each “shot” is “exposed” long enough to load the detail of the scene. It’s fun to watch – the first few times. I found you can’t get too close to a scene with 3D models because the tile-shoot method will actually miss parts of the models when it “zooms” in for each shot.

Take note that you should read the license for GE and GE Pro (search “license” on the GE help page) with regards to prints which says they can be used for “personal use only”. You also can not get permission to sell the prints – I asked Google about this.

Daniel asks…

How do I add road maps on Google Earth cities?

There’s a small town without road path on Google earth so it looks totally messed up. How do I add roads on them so it is available for everyone?


Administrator answers:

Bear in mind a lot of those map images are over two years old minimum. Out in the sticks get very few updates. It’s only the major Cities and Towns that get regular updates.

Anyway you can’t add them. You will have to notify Google and they will add the latest overlays to the maps if they think it’s worth it.

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