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Your Questions About Google Earth

August 25, 2013

Donald asks…

Does anyone know a website or download page of live google earth?

Im trying to view the world using google earth but it does not show me live , like it looks like its only pictures. If you know of a website to download a live one, to view live please let me know.

Administrator answers:

In order to get a live satellite picture, you would need access to a satellite. I don’t think any exist that give random people access to locations around the world, and you’d have to work with the images given to you from Google Earth. I imagine they’re updated from time to time, but I don’t know how often.

George asks…

How do I tilt the angle and get a 3D view on Google Earth?

I have Google Earth and been wanting to get a 3D view. I have selected ’3D Buildings’ and a lot of other options in the side bar but I still can’t get it to go 3D. Also I have tried tilting the angle in the ‘Tools’ menu and moving the angle but when I click ‘Apply’ nothing happens. Can anyone help me out.

Administrator answers:

The 3D view only works for certain buildings in certain metropolitan areas. The area you are looking at may not offer 3D buildings support. Try a big city such as New York and you’ll see it working from above as white buildings appear on the map, then as you tilt, you’ll see them in 3D.

Maria asks…

How do you download Google Earth?

I keep trying to download google earth but after i download and install it, it is nowhere to be found on my computer. I do a search and nothing comes up. I have a pretty new computer so i meet all the system requirments. It also leavs no icon on my desktop.

Administrator answers:

If you have windows

When it asks you where to install its usually something like C:Program Files right-click on any folder in your desktop (create one if you dont have one) and chose explore. Somewhere in there you should find C: Go to wherever google earth installs it by default.

If you still cant find it it means that the program is damaged and need a new one

Ken asks…

How can I capture a view as a jpeg on google earth?

I need to convert a google earth view into something I can put on a microsoft powerpoint page. please help!

Administrator answers:

U can use the screen recorders to do that!!!

Charles asks…

how can I install google earth on asus eee pc1000 linux?

Hi, I just bought a asus eee pc 1000 and I will take it with me to travel. I’d like install a google earth. I have downloaded a linux copy of earth which is a bin file from the google website. However, I have no idea on how to install it? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

I think eee’s use synaptic which is the same package manager as ubuntu, which uses .deb files. Tyry this and see if it works

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