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Your Questions About Google Earth

December 8, 2012

Chris asks…

How do you cite literature from google earth in a thesis?

I’m using maps taken from google earth for my thesis in college, how do i cite it?

Administrator answers:

Try this site

Laura asks…

What application in Ubuntu can you use to install Google Earth?

I want to install Google Earth for my desktop which is running Ubuntu 8.10. When the download is finished, I click open, but then it says “Cannot find application to install this package”. Is there any application to install Google Earth?

Administrator answers:

Here is the Ubuntu Documentation for Google Earth

Charles asks…

How do i get my google earth to have 3D buildings?

even though i have the box checked for 3D buildings, nothing on my google earth is in 3D.

Administrator answers:

Not everything is 3D. Search for the effile tower and see if that’s 3D. If not, then you need to upgrade to the latest version.

Sharon asks…

Is there a google earth map where u can see people and cars moving?

I know about the new version 6 Google earth app on the phone and I have downloaded it onto my computer too.But is their anyway you can see people and cars moving on earth?

Administrator answers:

The answer is absolutely not. You would be surprised how many people initially think Google Earth will show imagery in real-time. Or, that surely it will only be a day old. The most you can get in Google Earth are near real-time imagery in the latest version. There’s the new Clouds layer. Found under the Weather layer folder. The clouds are actually taken from weather satellites and are a global picture of the clouds as recent as 3 hours old. Ok, so that’s not the kind of imagery you meant. But is all you can get, till now–they say.
Otherwise look for webcams, there are many sites listing them online, also there is a webcams layer in Google Earth, that should show you a closer to real time view of very few selected places (usually from the ground persepective)

Donald asks…

How do I make a zoom movie with google earth pro movie maker?

I’m trying to make a simple zoom animation from space to a point on the earth in google earth pro with movie maker. I can’t figure out how to do it. There must be a few simple steps. Please explain.

Administrator answers:

You cant its illegal just static views and others but no video capturing p.s im a google admin

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