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Your Questions About Google Images

February 2, 2013

John asks…

How to print pic from google images?

Can I print a pic from google images for social studies? I know I have to cite the website, but how do I print the picture off an iMac?

Administrator answers:

Right click the image and click print . If you dont have that option C opy the Image and paste it in something like pages , then print it from there

Lisa asks…

How do i remove a past twitter profile picture from google images?

ive only changed my profile picture on twitter once and since i have, when i google my name it now comes up in google images
how do i remove it because i cant find the picture on my twitter to delete it?!
“settings-removepicture” doesnt help. i go into setting but then what? ive searched through all the options. this is an old picture not my current one

Administrator answers:


James asks…

How do I fix my internet from automatically redirecting to google images?

This use to happen from time to time, but now every time I go to a website I’m redirected to google images or a google search. I ran an anti virus that came up clean. Spy-bot found something small, but every time I run a malware my computer shuts itself down before it’s done. I’ve tried increasing the security settings, deleting cookies…nothing helps. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Try scanning your comp. With both of these free software.


Maria asks…

Are permissions needed to use images from the internet like say google image search?

Cant I just mention that images are from google image search as is done in knol?
If permission is needed, where can I obtain them?

Administrator answers:

Absolutely. But finding the original owner is never easy since lots of people just freely copy images on the net anyway. You can probably get away from using it for personal purposes but not a business unless you want trouble eventually.

Sandra asks…

Can I download google images and use them in articles that I write?

If you go to google images and type in almost anything you get associated images/pictures. Can I download images from here and use these in articles that I write? An image generally comes associated with the name of the website it is on. Do I first need to contact the website the image is on to ask permission–probably. I don’t want to violate any kind of copyright law or any kind of moral/ethical code. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

If you use those images, you might be violating copyright terms of the owner. You need to get permission from the owner before using them.
Another option is searching for public domain images. There are some sites specialized in that.

And again there are sites which showcases images which you can use personally as well as commercially.

Daniel asks…

How do i get pictures on my website into Google images?

Ie, if you were to search my website on google images, I want the pictures on my site to appear with links to my site.
Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

Its automatic. Google bots will search your site and add them.

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