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Your Questions About Google Images

February 23, 2013

Mary asks…

How can I make pictures out of pictures from google images?

Well. I see a lot of awesome pictures of my favorite musicians and things from google images. But I was wondering if you could like download a picture onto your computer than make it up at like Walmart and frame it. Is that possible? Just wondering? Thanks for your help. Easy 10 points for best answer.

Administrator answers:

I think the point here is not how to save a picture – Unlike the previous given answers I don’t presume that you don’t know how to do that.
I think your question is in regards to potential copyright issues and your wanting to reproduce it maybe for your own use or to resell at a profit?

The answer is that although Google images has the images indexed in their engine – The intellectual property still belongs to the original owner. Google has an opt-out for webmasters to exclude images appearing in Google images. If you as a webmaster publish such content on your sites then it sure is easy to steal it but is still illegal to reproduce it without the owners express permission.

There is no such thing as a global or “international copyright” protection scheme, instead each westernized country have there own similar individual laws to help protect owners intellectual property. Also in most cases each individual country will cooperate in bringing about an infringement suit where necessary – please be aware!

Donna asks…

How do you put somrthing on google images?

There is a pic I wanna put on google images but I don’t know how, plz tell me! 10 points!

Administrator answers:

You cant. The way google images works is that it searches all websites for your search. Say you typed in “miley cyrus sucks” ( :D ) it would search the whole web for pictures that relate to it and show the more popular ones at the beginning. You have to put ur picture on another website (i reccomend photobucket) and in one of the pages it should turn up in google images eventually. Give it lots of tags like Immortal. Said.

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