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Your Questions About Google Images

March 30, 2013

Carol asks…

Can you get a virus on your computer from saving a picture from Google images?

I have searched this topic online and the answers vary. Some say you can get a virus and some say you can’t. I have saved hundreds of pictures to my computer from Google images and I have never gotten a virus from them.

Administrator answers:

From saving a picture – no. A jpeg or png or any type of image file isn’t a virus. You need to download some kind of .exe, .dll or such kind of file.

However you can get a virus if you happen to click on a thumbnail in the list of google images if the thumbnail is a link to a virus website and you happen to accidentally click on some kind link on the website which may download some kind of virus to your PC.

Paul asks…

How do you post photo bucket pictures to google images?

I want to post my pictures from photo bucket to google images.
If this way isn’t possible what is another way?
The pictures aren’t of “me” but of my pets and all that, that I’f like to share with everyone

Administrator answers:

You cannot place your images to Google Images
simply by submitting on Google Images…
The Google images are being crawled by Google
coming from Blogs or some other site…

David asks…

How can I hide my Twitter account or at least my Twitter profile picture from Google search and Google Images?

I do not want my twitter account and twitter profile picture to be able to be searched on Google and Google images at all. Can anyone help because i want my privacy when it comes to things like this.

Administrator answers:

Well i tryed to do this a year back i removed my pictures on Facebook/Twitter then after a few months google removes your pictures on Google Images

Jenny asks…

How can I save pictures from google images on the Google Nexus?

I want to save a few pictures from google images, but I can’t find the option to save them to my gallery?

Administrator answers:

Tap and hold the image

Donald asks…

Can I use pictures from google images for my blog/website?

So I am starting a blog/website about different bands and I want to post pictures from google images. Is this legal? Is there a legal way of using the pictures without asking for each individual picture? Can I link or say who’s picture it originally is? I am not trying to take credit for the picture or anything.

Administrator answers:

Google images is only a search tool that finds images on the web. When you conduct a search, you will see that there is a link to view the image in its original context on the page. Google is not publishing these images on its own.

When you find an image through the Google search, you will need to check the actual website to determine whether or not it is free to use. Google explicitly states, “Image may be scaled down and subject to copyright.” If the image is falls under copyright, in order to upload the picture onto your web server and display it on your page, you need to have permission.

In order to use an image that is found with a Google search,
1. It must be in the public domain
2. You have received permission from the owner. OR
3. It has a Creative Commons license that allows for its use.

There are some sources that provide use of images through “Creative Commons” licensing. Basically, Creative Commons is a way of sharing media and some of the priviledges that go along with them. (

The Wikimedia Commons ( is one source for media that is meant to be shared. You will need to check the licensing on the images to be sure that you abide by the license selected.

If you find an image that you absolutely must have on your site AND it has a copyright, you could possibly link from your page to its original source. This way you are not taking someone else’s copywritten work.

Michael asks…

How to get a picture on google images?

I want to know the best way to get pictures on google images when something is searched. I have the photos on photobucket with quite a few tags, and when tags are searched on photobucket, they come up. What are some ways i can help get them onto images?

Administrator answers:

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