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Your Questions About Google Images

April 15, 2013

Charles asks…

How do you switch back to the basic Google image search PERMANENTLY?

I hate the new Bing-clone Google image search, but when I switch to the basic version (i.e. the old version) the new version just comes up the next time I use Google images, how do I set it to the basic version per mamently?

Administrator answers:

Go to the Google homepage and click on the “images” link in the menu bar:

Enter the search terms in the Google search box, (don’t click on the link “Try the new Google Image Search”

Jenny asks…

How to upload image on google images?

I intend to upload some images on google images. Despite the way, some people stated the pics are not uploaded. For example go to images, click upload, choose file and select the picture is uploaded and description is then given but when it is searched with the loaded description no such image is displayed.although the page is signed in.

Administrator answers:

You can’t upload an image to Google Images. Google Images takes pictures from famous websites or blogs, mostly related to the ‘keywords’ you type in. Whatever you type in, Google does a quick search on those keywords and gives you the images associated with the most popular websites which relate to that keyword. Hence, you should make a blog or a website, use some keywords along with your photo and it might just show up on Google!

Knock for help at

William asks…

What do i type in on google images to find a picture of a dog.?

I go to google images and type in all kinds of stuff like dog, dogs, puppies, pups, I can’t find a single picture of a dog. I keep finding pictures of horses and cats. What do I do to find dogs?

Administrator answers:



Linda asks…

Can I legally use an image from google images for a small project?

Hi! I’m printing a batch of about 100-150 cards to get the word about about a local business. I used a photo from google images and it looks very different now (I live traced it in Illustrator) but still resembles the photo. Do I need to cite google images on the card? Or do I need to I buy an image on an image stock website?

Administrator answers:

Legally, you have the potential to get into trouble. Google images just brings up relevant images on websites, most are not free to use for whatever you want. Though, you did modify the image to an extent, which does help your case and also could make it not casually recognizable, but doesn’t mean it is legal to use still. You are using it to promote a business, which is a good case against you– should you get caught. That being said, the likeliness of you getting caught is very unlikely, though it is up to you if you wish to err on the side of caution.

Depending on what the image is, you may or may not have an easy time getting a free version, if applicable, you could always take a picture yourself and modify it to your needs, or ask the owner of the image for permission to use it.

Lizzie asks…

Is it illegal to order a picture on shutterfly/etc. of a picture you find on google images?

There is this cute picture i find on google images and i want to blow it up and use it as a poster in my room. Can i do this or does this violate some copyright thing?

Administrator answers:

Shutterfly one of those companies that take images and print them to canvas for you?

I would think it would be illiegal to do what your stateing your want to.
You won’t own the copyright to the image and the person who does may not want the image used in that way. If you can find out who owns copyright and gain permission to use it then you would be fine.

Maria asks…

How do I get pix on google images?

I have a website and have a bunch of pictures. I want to be able to find them under specific keywords on google images.

How do i do this?

Administrator answers:

Give the pictures proper names and alt tags.
For example you have a picture of a Siamese cat, then name the picture “Siamese cat.jpg” and not “pic213.jpg”.
Also set the alt tag to alt=”Siamese cat”.
And it wouldn’t hurt if the picture is located in an article about Siamese cats.
Then if someone search for “Siamese cat” in Google images, your picture at least has a chance of appearing.

The HTML code for the above example:
Siamese cat

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