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Your Questions About Google Images

May 12, 2013

Ruth asks…

How do i get google images back to normal?

Whenever i search something on google images all of the pictures show up on one page and i cant save them. How do i get it back to normal were you have to click next to go to the next page.

Administrator answers:

You can’t. It is a thing that google has done and it can’t be changed back just for you. It is a permanent change to the site that the owners have done. You can’t change it back.

Michael asks…

How do you get your photos included on GOOGLE IMAGES search?

We have some great pet photos and are wondering how to go about getting them on GOOGLE IMAGES under a search for their breed (Sphynx Cats). Many of the photos shown there now are obviously proffesional but there does seem to be quite a few family pet photos. How do you submit them?

Administrator answers:

There is no ‘Submit’ ability. So long as the photo exists on the internet, Google will look for text associated with the photo and compare it the the Google search query, and include the website photo in the results.

Lisa asks…

Is setting a background from google images as your desktop background considered downloading?

like if you search something on google images, click on the picture, and click “set as background” is that considered downloading something? and that could damage my computer?

Administrator answers:

Yes. It’s called downloading.
It will be done once.

Don’t worry, just as you see this page, it’s called “downloading” too.
You download images, text and other stuffs from Yahoo! Answer :)

And no, it won’t hurt your computer. Mostly. ^^

Paul asks…

How do I add a picture to google images??

I want to my image appear on google images, but I don’t know how to add. For example when somebody type particular word he/she will know that I added to google images. I already have google account and stuff.

Administrator answers:

The images you see on Google images are primarily sourced from websites.
If you want to have your own images appear on Google image search you first need to upload them onto your website or blog.
If you have a website or blog, upload your images and use an appropriate keyword as the name of the image (yourphoto.jpg), then use the alternate text associated with image properties to describe the photo with the same keyword/s. Lastly write some keyword rich text about the photo. That way when someone inputs a keyword/s into image search, your photo will be amongst the results. It does take some time for images to appear on Google and provided your website/blog is indexed by Google.
Regards, Zyfert

Mandy asks…

How do you delete facebook picture off of google images after permanently deleting your facebook account?

I deleted my account about a half month ago permanently and the time has passed to where i cannot recover it. I want to remove the facebook profile picture from the google images but I have only read so far that you have to be able to login to your account and delete it through there. I’m trying to find some kind of support for facebook to email them about it but apparently they don’t have one?

Administrator answers:

That is not possible – google caches everything for 7 years for legal reasons

Thomas asks…

How do I remove my Twitter picture from Google Images?

Hi, I uploaded a really ugly picture of me on Twitter, and now it is on Google Images. I deleted the picture from Twitter about a week ago, and it’s still on Google Images. How do I get rid of it?

Administrator answers:


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