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Your Questions About Google Images

May 20, 2013

Lizzie asks…

How do I re-add the top frame on Google Images searches after it’s been removed?

When I searched images on Google Images on Internet Explorer, the top frame disappeared. Please find a way to re-add it!

Administrator answers:

Tool – Options – Content !

Betty asks…

How do i post a picture on google image?

I need to know how to post a picture on google images.

Administrator answers:

Well.. Google has this thing called “robot”. Every week, that thing goes around the internet searching for new websites and new images. In order for that “robot” to put your image on google, it must be in a website.. And the name you put that picture on the website with.. Is the name that you will see it with when you search on google images once that imgae is found by the robot.

Richard asks…

How do my photos end up on Google Images?

I decided to search my name on google images and it showed two pictures of me. One of them is a profile picture for facebook, and the other is one of me and my friends (I took it with my own camera). How did they end up on Google Images? Did someone like copy and paste it to google or something?

Administrator answers:

Google uses a web crawler and searches the URL and image title on any and all websites. Google’s web crawler first searches the top websites listed by and then goes from there to smaller websites.

Steven asks…

Im trying to upload a picture from google images that says its jpg, but its not working. How to solve it?

Im trying to to put a picture of Kobe bryant from google images as my gmail id picture. It says its a jpg, but when I try to upload it, it doesnt work. All of a sudden it says the picture was JPEG and it can’t be uploaded- any solutions?

Administrator answers:

Try restarting your explorer and do it again


Helen asks…

How do I get photographs on to the Google Images site?

I would like to post some of my own archive material on to the UK Google Images site but I can’t find any information about how to do this. Can you help please? Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

Google has Picasa_ A free web albums portal .

Type PICASA in google search .open the Google picasa website and upload the images. You can find the link on the right side panel to share the album via e mail / link / embed code.

Chris asks…

How do i put an image that i have on google images?

I have got an image that i wish to put on google images. How do i put it on there and how much roughly will it cost?

Administrator answers:

You need to post it in a searchable website like

then put a lot of keywords in to describe it, so that if someone searches for that word on google or whatever your image may come up,

but there are thousands of images out there , the chances of yours coming up will be very slim

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